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bake with me: banana bread

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banana bread recipe:
3 ripe bananas
1/4 cup canola oil
1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups all purpose flour ( i used gluten free )
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch salt
1/4 cup buttermilk ( i used coconut milk )

1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
pinch salt
1/4 cup unsalted butter, cubed & very cold

follow the process in my video & bake at 325f for 45-55 min for a normal sized loaf pan
enjoy xx

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]hi everyone and welcome back to mychannel today’s video is going to be arecipe for banana bread a lot of youhave been asking for a new recipe videoor kind of like a baking with me videoso I thought I would do that today it’sa gorgeous morning it’s raining so it’sthe perfect time to bake it’s so cozy asyou guys may or may not know this is myInstagram you can follow me along thereI’m always posting on my stories and youcan just follow me along there as wellas here make sure you are subscribed andyou like this video if you want to seehow to make banana bread then keep onwatching let’s get into it[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]for this recipe you’re gonna want reallyripe bananas where they’re basicallybrown you’re gonna want the bananas tobe nice and match and really fluffy likethis and then just use a fork that’s theeasiest way to get it to the consistencythat you need and now we’re gonna goahead and add the rest of thatingredient[Music][Music]and you can add 1/4 cup melted butterinto the canola oil and mashed bananas[Music]then you’re going to add two eggs into[Music][Music]- 1 TSP of vanilla but I always do morethan that so just as you good splashvanilla extract and then this is the onethat I used now I’m going to add 1/3 of[Music]regular sugar granulated sugar[Applause]that’s gonna go into ingredients andthen we’re just gonna go ahead and mixit all together if you get some littlechunks of brown sugar just kind of breakthem up so that everything is mixedcompletely okay now everything is mixedall together and now we’re gonna add twocups I use gluten-free flour but you canjust use whatever type of flower youwant to offer this flower if you’re justusing regular flour this is the one Iuse put two cupsone and a half teaspoons of bakingpowder[Music]half a teaspoon of baking soda[Applause][Music]usually I don’t like to put salt in mydessert recipes but I will put a tinysprinkle of salt into this one justbecause it brings out all the bananaflavor and the vanilla so there’s anexception and so I’m just going to mixthis all together and I’ll show youat what point I stop mixing becausewe’re gonna add some buttermilk to thisbut in this case I’m using coconut milkbut you can use buttermilk if you wantto or any milk alternative but I’m justgoing to stop mixing right before theflour is all mixed together so we canadd the buttermilk or the coconut milkall right so this is the point that Iwill stop mixing it and as you can seethere’s still some flour chunks in thereand everything’s not mixed together allthe way but I stopped it at that pointthat way it doesn’t get over mixed andsometimes it can get a little bit gummyand the mixture can get overworked soI’m gonna stop here yeah I’m usingcoconut milk like I said you guys canuse whatever milk alternative you wantto and this is the one that I like touse so mu measure out a quarter cup ofcoconut milk andI’m gonna pour it inthen we’re just gonna mix it alltogetheryou just wanna fold it a couple of timesonce you add the milk into it just so itdoesn’t get over mixed and it can tendto get a little bit gummy so you don’twant to mix it too much what it lookslike all right so now that I have thebatter all mixed together I am going tomake the crumble now for the top I justhave a half a cup of flour and a half acup of brown sugar and a pinch of saltand then I’m just going to use a forkand mix that all together combined andnow I’m going to add a quarter cup ofreally cold butter and I just cubed itand I’m just gonna add it into flour mixand then there’s no real way of doingthis and take my ring off and basicallyyou just take your hands and youkind of tops the butter around in theflour and the sugar till it’s all coatedand then you’ll just kind of mush thebutter as long as it’s coated in theflour and you just mush it around untilit becomes kind of like a coarse sand orkind of like little key size the butterbecomes smaller I don’t know how todescribe it but you just want to mix itall together until you can kind of packit with your hands so I’m gonna get towork on this and I’ll show you what itlooks like when it’s done yeah but whatdoes coarse sand actually look like Iuse that as a description and I see thatoften in recipes but like what does thatactually look like so I’ll show you whatit’s supposed to look like and you cancome up with your own descriptive wordfor what you think it looks likeOh what’s so perfect clicks coffee caketopping all right so I just finishedmixing up the Pro Bowl topping and thisis what it looks like it’s kind of youcan hold it together I don’t know how todescribe it so I’m gonna get a loaf panand I’m gonna spray it with somenonstick spray and I will be right backokay so I have my loaf pan that Isprayed with nonstick spray and now I’mgoing to go ahead and take the batterand pour it intoand then I always scrape the bowl tomake sure that I get everything outbecause you’d be surprised at how muchyou can get out of what’s left in thebowl here and you’re making muffins orcupcakes and you need like a little bitwe should scrape the bowl and you’ll endup getting another scoop that you didn’tthink you could so that’s just a littlething that I always do plus you don’twant to waste it you can end up going inyour nice loaf pan so I’m just gonna usethe corner of my bachelor and just kindof move it around make sure it’s niceand eventhatoh it was dumb today um but yeah youwant it to be nice and even like thatand then you’re going to take yourtumble and I’m going to just sprinklesome over the top I think I’m just goingto sprinkle half of it and that willgive it a nice different looksomething’s new create it so I’m justgonna take thisoh also if you want to go ahead and makethis ahead of time before you getstarted on your actual banana bread thenyou would just make this and then youcan keep it in the refrigerator and thatway the little chunks of butter willstay nice and hard and they don’t meltwhen they go into the oven so that’ssomething that you might want to keep inmind if you’re planning on making thisso just a new hand sprinkle it on andI’ll show you what I’m doing out close[Music][Music]all right now that I’ve got the toppingson and I just put it on half and nowit’s ready to go my oven is heated up at325 so I’m gonna go ahead and put thisinto the oven we’re gonna bake it offthe house is going to be smelling likeyummy[Music]okay going into the ovens[Music]I’ll show you guys what it looks like ina second but I think I’m gonna let it gofor another 10 or 15 minutes just tomake sure that the middle is cooked butit’s looking don’t want to open it fortoo long but I’ll just show you reallyquick okay so my timer just went off soit was 45 minutes and then I did another8 minutes and I have a feeling it’s doneit smells amazing alright so as you cansee it’s nighttime I got a littlesidetracked and had some things I neededto do but now I’m going to cut into thebanana bread and show you what it lookslike and maybe even give it a littletaste[Music][Music][Music]so that is my video for banana bread Ihope you make this recipe and I knowyou’re gonna enjoy itit’s super simple it turns out Deliciasevery time so that’s the results thatyou’re gonna get when you make this ifyou follow the recipe that I have in thedescription make sure you are subscribedand you like this video and don’t forgetto follow me on Instagram I have it inmy description and I’ll put it righthere – I’ll see you in my next videothanks so much for watchinghi everyone

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