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Bake Bread Without Yeast (No-Yeast Bread) | Problem Solved

Can’t find yeast at the store? No problem, you can still bake bread with just 6 simple ingredients.

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Video Transcription

if you’re having a hard time findingyeast that’s not a problem you can stillbake delicious bread with just sixingredients this recipe comes from Irishsoda bread and is a really easy way tomake bread without meeting any yeast allyou need is six basic ingredients floursalt baking soda sugar butter andbuttermilk now I don’t actually havebuttermilk so I’m gonna make my own bymixing regular 2% milk with a little bitof vinegar this is the secret to thisrecipe and why you don’t need yeastbecause the buttermilk is slightlyacidic it’s going to react with thebaking soda producing gas inside thedough causing it to rise before youbegin you should melt down your butterthis will make it easier to work intothe dough I’m also going to be using rawhoney instead of refined sugar buteither one will work the recipe itselfis really easy and straightforward justcombine your dry ingredients in a bowland then mix in the melted butter andthen the honey now you want to fold inyour buttermilk don’t do it all at onceuse three or four smaller pores asyou’re folding it in once your dough isreadyuse your hands to form it into a balland then flatten it down into a discgive the outside of the dough a finalbrush with buttermilk and then score thetop with a sharp knife this will allowthe center of the bread to bakecompletely put the dough in a 400 degreepreheated oven for 45 minutes halfwaythrough baking you can loosely cover thebread with aluminum foil and that’llkeep the edges from over bakingand just like that you’ve gotfresh-baked bread without needing anyyeast hey thanks for watching if youlike this video check out these othervideos from USA Today to stay up to datewith all the latest news

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