yt 185764 3 Make and bake French bread roll for the first time English closed caption included 1210x642 - #3 Make and bake French bread roll for the first time (English closed caption included)
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#3 Make and bake French bread roll for the first time (English closed caption included)

This is my first time to make the French bread roll from raw ingredients. Will I succeed?
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The videos on this channel are my own experience. Maybe success, maybe not. I’m just an amateur and try to practice in the kitchen.

The recipes in the videos I took from the internet. I try to learn from an amateur to a better cook. Each dish I made is not perfect, but I will try the best, follow the recipes.
If I have the mistakes, do not hesitate to comment on the videos to let me know. Thank you so much.

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Video Transcription

Today I’m going to try making soft bread.This is my first time making bread, feel very brave because bread is so hard to makeAccording to the recipe, cook 240 ml of water, keep it warm, but it seems like a lot of waterI should have realized that time. Next, add 2 tablespoons of olive oilI put in 2 tablespoons of honeyWhen I edited this video, I was really embarrassed to have made such breadAdd 2 teaspoons of saltStart stirring the mixtureAdd the flour (415 grams), and there is a problemAdd 1.5 tablespoons of yeastDo you see any problem? And the next will make a disasterWhen mixing the dough and water too much with the wrong dosage, the dough gets meltedIt seems that failure right from the preparation stage, due to recklessness :(I made another one, this time the water was the right amountDumped in all the ingredients, and starts pouring the doughToo see if this is the same as beforeI forget, add yeast tooLets start mixing the dough, when this is done, my friend saidWhy am I so brave, bread is hard to do?I said because the recipe wrote “simple”. Back to work, mix the dough until all is well”Simple” but not simple at allContinuing to be a disaster, I don’t know where the dough is so stickyWhen kneading the dough was very sticky, I later discovered it was probably due to not using the flour into my handI also do not intend to post this video, but this is an experience so I should postKnead until the dough is elastic, incubate for 1 hourIn general this is a disaster that I will remember foreverThe dough is finished, in theory, it can be easily removed, but it is still stickyCertainly, I did many mistakes at the preparation stageUse a knife to cut 8 pieces, but the dough doesn’t have enough 8 so I cut it into 4 piecesIt’s a shame that I have no level of bread makingCreate a 4-piece shape, and still stick your fingersSince my family members have returned, it will be a bit noisy, and I also shoot fast.Incubate for 30 minutes, I put in the oil-free oven to closeEgg wash on the surface after incubateAfter the egg wash is complete, start bakingBake at 190 degrees C, for 20 minutesAfter baking, this is the finished productThe finished product is bad, so I’ll take a piece to try itThe crust is quite hard, the inside is soft like bread, edible if you are easy goingThank you so much for watching, see you in the next video

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