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bake bread w me🍞 (i didn’t finish i got bored lolz)

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Video Transcription

okay you forget what I was saying herebut anyway I’m gonna vlog because I’vebeen in quarantine I’ve been so boredand I’m making Brad today and I’m makingtwo batches so if I decided to vlog itum yeah that’s it okay bye just makingeven though it’s 98% a meat side makingwell I have some other clips and you canskip type this part I don’t know whereit is because I really I’m not thatsmartyou can watch I don’t know but you canskip that partthe bed-making put you here okay okaydon’t put them in the blog I have a bowlI justoh there we gothen you put not to play one and one[Music]stop talking you put in very good I needtwo cups of warm water 90 to 110 degreesso that’s what I’m doing right nowokay so then this is my mixture it’sreally cool I now gonna need yeast yesso that was that’s what makes it dryokayfound itI’m mystery so I look cool by using thestir oh oh with a whisk cup with a cakesorry the camera stopped yes my cups ofwater okayI mean it’s in here it’s in this bowlyeast you put 2 teaspoons and 1/4 and Idon’t know what 1/4 is so I kind of justI mean I don’t have a measuring thingfor 1/4 so guys hey this is a flour andsalt mixture I have made and this is theyeast and water a little well so likethis so like a little thing okayyou pour it in your yeast and your waterin and this is the part that makes thedough and Italy see I promised you Ididn’t think this throughbut you know I’m mixing it and my handsget all doughy I’m gonna BIOS you rightnow but this is me mixing my dough youknow cuz I made like a little montageyeah after it so I have three balls waittwo hours to the next stop so in thenext two hours bladder will rise in twohours and this is what the book sideover on the side like this pulling itinto the middle like that that’s all youdo for stop dude and then you waitanother two hourshey I’m working on batch two currentlyoh no that’s how it goes if you haveflour then you had one wait if you hadtoo much flour then you add more waterand if you have too much water then youadd wait time to say that if you havetoo much water you add more flour if youadd too much flour you’re underwaterconfusion is the same thing just flippedwhatever two more hours and yeah okayyeah so the timer is done we’re gonnamove on to step threepretty fancy if you ask me so the prepfor this part is olive oil and thenyou’re gonna need a new clean Bowl youpour 1 TSP of olive oil and like wipe itaround to the day okay this part is metaking the dough and putting it on Iwhich struggling help it so that’s whyI’m green oh boyspre-heat your oven I only know I’mconnected to your doctor oh I forgot youneed a duck okay[Music][Music]towel to wipe out that’s hopefully thatwill oh okay this bond is contract if Ikinda get you up editing right aroundhere cuz I got boredIrina post a lot of these just put theDutch oven and you leave it in the ovenfor 45 advantage with the fan she’sgonna get Little Caesars Pizza I thoughtshe was getting steak side of the blog Iwant through Gogi I can make it why shedid not say no I know what’s happeningshe’s how she’s getting pizza eat areyou getting what pizza you can eatyou just add your getting piece offso what Pete are you kiddingmom said whatever we wantcan you just order it done mom will pickit up you two have to order it and getblood to us or pepperoni pizza one otherguy there okay byewe’re getting pizza pita and say hi tothe blog we’re in Janet’s room why didyou just say we’re getting Domino’s I’llshow you my plans huh there they’re alldying actually this one’s very funky umthis one’s been has been dead hmm it’slike shriveling up plan to you then ohthis one’s slowly dying feels bad Ireally know what to do about that Idon’t think I can I don’t think you canrelive plans reliving the house I bringback to lifeback to revive I don’t think you can usemy plans well I know you canokay well this has been a long segmentof my family not liking me so yeahwithout me because I she’s playing withher other friend so I really havenothing to do I don’t know what I’mdoing in these click and I feel so badbecause I’m going through them I feel sobad for leverage watching this vlog Imean like how to make it it’s so likeyou watch that we know you thinkokay this is the final product of thebride because I gave up vlogging so yeahokay so I hacked your friend a mile aday but I’m walking today and the nextday and the last you saw me walkingbecause I gave up on blogging it’s toomuch work I don’t like it and I thinkyou ever get I’m never using iMovieagain today I’m so confused I don’t knowhow to use it so yeah hope you okay

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