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Bake Banana Bread With Me To Escape Your Pandemic Feelings

Come on! Bake banana bread with me to escape your pandemic feelings! It’ll be fun, I promise.

Look: the pandemic feelings are real. We all have them. They are all valid. But if you have a bunch of brown bananas, you can make banana bread… and sometimes that helps. If you choose to bake banana bread, don’t be like me and lose track of time and then remove your banana bread from the oven halfway through baking because it’s time to pick up your sushi already. If you do that and then eat the sushi and bake the banana bread the rest of the way, the bread might sink in the middle and get soft on the inside. BUT it will still be delicious and that’s the most important thing.

I hope that you’re doing okay. If you like these videos, feel free to subscribe. I’m doing a lot of baking lately, and I’m filming it just because.


#BananaBread #VeganBananaBread #BakeWithMe

0:00-1:20 Banana Bag Hysteria
1:20-1:40 Flax Egg Again
1:40-2:29 Banana Fiasco & Inspirational Speech
2:29-4:03 Combining The Wet Ingredients
4:03-5:22 Dry Ingredients & Chocolate Chip Debate
5:22-5:48 Assembling The Banana Bread & Baking
5:48-6:00 Big Reveal
6:00-6:22 Banana Bread Taste Test

Original of the video here

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