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#6/365 HOW to bake Bread EASY 🍞 at Home | with RudkaFindshome in Quarantine

In this video, I show you my recipe “How to bake bread at home” with some basic ingredients.

During the quarantine period, I started to cover the daily bread requirements in the apartment with homemade bread. After a few attempts, I finally succeeded, 😻😀 and I now know what I have to pay attention to making sure that a delicious and delicious loaf comes out of the oven. 🍞

With these directions, you will be able to make a nice loaf of bread.
I challenge you! 😉😘

• 500 gr Flour and more to work into the dough if necessary
• 400 – 480 ml warm Water
• 1 – 2 tsp Salt
• 1 1/2 tsp dry Yeast
• A pinch of Sugar

KITCHEN UTENSILS that you need:
• Weight scale or other measuring tools
• Large bowl made of glass or plastic
• Transparent foil to cover
• A kitchen towel
• A Dutch Oven or an ovenproof cooking pot (or just use the baking tray to put the dough on it and put a bowl of water in the oven during baking – make sure that the bowl is ovenproof)
• A Baking tray
• Baking paper
• An oven, of course 😁

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Tell me in the comments 📝 what you think of such a Bread 🥖.
Have you ever done something like this yourself 🙋🏻‍♂️ ?

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01:30 Preparing yeast
03:34 Flour
04:04 Salt
04:50 Making the dough

08:00 2h rest
08:20 First folding
08:53 2 – 24h rest (fridge or kitchen counter)
09:18 Second folding
10:10 Forming the loaf
12:00 Last 30min rest

12:40 Cat surprise cat 🐈😻🙊

12:49 Putting into the oven
13:30 Fresh baked bread
13:56 Cutting the bread
14:19 Outro

This video is produced 📽 with:
• iPhone Xs
• iPad Pro 2019
• Final Cut Pro X


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Video Transcription

hello guys so as I promised I will showyou how to bag bread at home and I usedsimple ingredients you might have athome so first of all like a big bowl Imean it’s a plastic one pick lettucekale for the flour for water you shouldcontain it put water in and to mix upthe yeast rice then a big spoon of thosespooling a flowers flower of flowers andflower I used to buy like a normal highquality one you can I think you can useat me I bought you flour and dry yeastyou can use as well like a freshness butI’m using Friday’s so can activate orwill activate your dry yeast so usuallyyou need like it for my recipe for oneloaf of bread meat 500 gram of flowersand 480 milliliters of waterI know it sounds very a lot of water andwe’ll see will be a little mess but it’sworthless so I will use this containerand I put my scale of water and this isalso you can put on container lid eventzero how I do temper to the water I justI just feel like it’s not cold anymoreand it’s a little warm like hand warmit’s fine so I put some 400[Music][Music][Music]so what I’m going to do now is I takethe yeast dryness and I put in 1teaspoon 1 teaspoon and a half if you doa type in more it’s funny so and then Ineed I used some sugar to activate theyeast to activate don’t ask me why buttops and then and I let stay once it’smaking bubbles with the yeast you knowthe yeast is not dead you can use forthe goal otherwise instead and you canchoose for your goal so you don’t withthe right on the lowok so now I turn my scale to grams and Ican see but I hurt still I will put nowin the flour I told you about I you knowthat I tried a lot of flowers and everytime I buy a new flower I decide to trya new one so sometimes the bread is verysloppy very Airy in science sometimesit’s like a very you say very open I waslow so we will see how this time soneeds 500 grams of flour[Music]so if you put some washed it’s fine Iput now 516 that’s fine so it sighs andnow look you have to flower a niceflower and you just put in 1 tsp 2 TSPof salt I use like the grocery so notnot plate so I just used to the normalfrom the grocery store so I do and thisthis episode I put twice yeah and thenyou just mix it firmly up it’s nicethis recipe is not a needing one so youdon’t need to mix your dough a lot youjust have to mix it firmly autumn videostogether so now you can check your IDsand their bubbles came up like this thenyou use this activity and you justfirmly mix it up don’t just do it at allmystical banging it’s hard to mix upwe’re just doing like doing is it’s veryreally relaxing I guess like it’snormally the recipes recipes I sawthey’re often like get helpmaybe one 1/2 of water and the rest isflour but in this case I use this andyou will see it will have a greater soulbecause I think this is like a bankerpercentage I read about like a guy onYouTube who is making a lot and he saidlike the more water the more fluffy andit moves me so I went for it the firsttime so I was backing bread I didn’t doit like that I was I didn’t like thisthat I have this consistency but then Ithought that let’s try it let’s go forit because hevery brave loads of very very trustingso you see it’s it’s coming watery butthis is fine just incorporate all theflour all 180 milliliters of water asyou see and its lattice like littlescrews but it’s fine and normally Iwould I would go inside with my hand andjust look that we incorporate all theflour and do like this but just don’t doit like 10 minutes like 20 means it’snot necessary some flour in it if youwant to like to give it some and thenconsistency back but normally you aregoing with this you know like to needthe doll to mix the doll it’s like artbecause you have to arts like to connectwith emotions because you have to knowto feel all things like bakers I watchedon YouTube they will say you have tofeel it but it’s ready and set around soI say I think there’s no might be readyhowever turns now just a one-round on itand then I take my phoneand I put it over and use fall I use aswell as like a towelbut I have to experience it before justput it over like this and then seal itfirmly where it’s tall and you put itover it and you put it on a place whereit’s warmif you don’t have a pledge where’s whenwe can put your home on makes you move30 degrees and put it inside and thenyou put now this for two hours I will beback in two hours so after 2 hours thedough has risen and it’s put some waterand then I do it like this just givesome folds and if you need you help youcan bet it and just follow me you cansee the water is inside the doughalready and the dough is like and thenyou’re covering it up again or as I amdoing overnight covering up and puttingovernight into a warm place or just onthe kitchen counter test it[Music]so yeah guys after the second fall then24 hours you can do two hours again wewill do the last fold and it’s very easylook you take out just a little bit youcan see no water joy really enjoy don’tbe afraid to touch it then you take thedough out of the bowl[Music]what is important now and you shouldn’teither though just put a little flour init and just be sure there’s enough flourso if I put your hands and then you justgive it like a little folders pleasevery easily very gentleno no stress hurry so that you from theoutside to the inside for to the doorand then you turn the door around andyou do like this you form the goalso song[Music]so now what you wanna do you take thebaking sheet just number one look atthis for like over 220 degrees but thiscensus crowd we will take a breath andjust[Music][Music]just follow the same surface tears soflower and it’s important that youpreview all[Music][Music]ready for baking Thank You Pam it shouldbe a pan you can put in the oven youtake this and now we’ve got only 30minutes until we put the dough in theoven I think the open is preheated soyou take your dough now you cut likelittle[Music]so this is no gonna[Music][Music]here[Music]and there will be 20 minutes and then heputs away the pan and ten minutes otherthan its top this is the branch I meanand you see it’s good frosty if you goon this side it’s like a wood store andit should be like this so you can seeit’s a little black because I put toomuch but you can just scrub it off mintit’s fine look[Music]if you liked this video that subscribeyour life follow me[Music]

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