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Brown Sugar Oatmeal Bread | Bread Baking for Beginners

Here is a step-by-step video following the Brown Sugar Spice Oatmeal Bread from Bread Baking for Beginners by Bonnie Ohara! Don’t be fooled, this is by no means a sweet bread. The brown sugar and cinnamon are just subtle flavors in the background, and the oatmeal adds a creamy buttery texture that is just delightful!
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I highly encourage anyone who is looking to start making homemade bread to buy this book, and follow along with me, as I bake my way through this cookbook! 🙂


For the exact recipe I’m using, you can find it in the cookbook. Here’s a link:

Purchase “Bread Baking for Beginners” by Bonnie Ohara


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Directed by: Braxton Burrows

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Paige welcome back to my kitchenyou’re watching the next episode ofdoing it with Paige II today we will bemaking the brown sugar spiceoatmeal bread from the cookbook breadbaking for beginners by Bonnie O’Haranow I’m super excited about this recipefor a couple of reasons one this is thelast recipe in the current chapter thatwe’re on next week we’ll be moving on toenriched breads and I’m super superexcited about that I’m also excitedabout this bread because it’s really funto make so let’s go ahead and getstarted weighing out our ingredientswe’re gonna start off by weighing outour all-purpose flour some whole wheatflour water salt and yeast now in thisbread today we’re also going to beadding rolled oats as well as brownsugar and cinnamon so the oath thatwe’ll be adding to our bread actuallyneeds to be cooked before we add theminto the dough so before we start mixingup our ingredients I’m gonna go aheadand cook those so they’re not scorchinghot and we mix them into our dough nowI’m using quick oats and they can cookin my microwave in about a minute soyou’ll just want to cook your oats forhowever long the instructions on thepackage say but the recipe is not verydescriptive with how many oats you’regoing to need to add obviously if youscale out however many grams of rolledoats you’re going to need and it’s dryit’s obviously going to be a differentweight than when you add water so whatI’m gonna do is I’m going and cook alarge amount of oats and I’m gonna cookthose in a medium bowl I’ll then scaleout how many grams of oats that I needI’ll then add my brown sugar andcinnamon into that same bowlso now that we have that out of the waywe’re going to go ahead and start mixingup our other ingredients we’re going tostart off by adding our East directly ontop of the water and mixing that in tillit’s nice and bubbly well then add theflour on top of the water it needsmixture and the salt on top of the flourand we’re just going to jump right inand start mixing our dough[Music]now for me I can say this dough is a lotdrier than the previous dose but we havemade in this book that’s going to makeit a little bit more difficult for youto tell when the ingredients are wellcombined so just to make sure that youare incorporating all of the dryingredients from the bottom of the bowlscraping the sides of the bowl andreally is squeezing and stretching thedough the best that you canyou’ll know when it’s well mixed whenyou can get it really really stretchylike this now that our dough is wellmixed we’re gonna go ahead and let thisset and rest for about 30 minutes sothat the flour can absorb some of thatwater all right it’s been about 30minutes let’s go ahead and startkneading our dough we’re gonna start offby turning this out of the bowl onto alightly floured countertop and to meetall we’re going to do is push the doughforward with the heel of our hand pullit back give it a quarter turn and dothe same thingnow if your dough is sticky don’t beafraid to add a little bit more flour sowe’re gonna continue to do the samemotion by pushing forward pulling backand giving you a quarter turn and we’lldo this for about five to ten minutesuntil the dough has tightened up andgotten smoother[Music]now that we’re done meeting our doughit’s time to go ahead and fold in ouroatmealnow before we fold our oats in I justwant to remind everybody to make surethat these are not still scorching hotafter you coach them I know that wecooked these and got them preparedbefore we started mixing our otheringredients together so I do like totake a kitchen thermometer to my oatsand just make sure that they’re notsuper hot today I was able to get themdown to about 72 degrees which waspretty close to my water temperature soI think we are safe so this is gonna bevery similar to the country raisin andwalnut loaf we’re just gonna kind ofpress this out a little bit and I’m justgonna go ahead and throw in this entiremixture I’m gonna spread it out a littlebit I’m going to add a little bit ofwater to my hands to keep theingredients from sticking to so with wethands we’re just going to fold this inand I’m just going to start by doingsome water bowlsdo the same exact thing compress thisall back outdo another set of letter fooland I’m just going to continue doingthis method until all of the oats arewell combinednow this is your first timeincorporating ingredients into yourdough it is going to be a little bitweird you’re gonna have a large pocketor several pockets with ingredients inthem just like this just continue towork with the dough eventually they willall be evenly dispersed the longer thatyou continue to fold this if you need toadd any more water to your hands at anypoint go ahead and do that[Music]now if your any reason you have oatmealthat’s falling out of your dough all youwill need to do is just straight that upwith your dough scraper right back tothe middle of the dough and justcontinue up to hold it init’s taken me about five minutes to getall of the oatmeal evenly dispersedthroughout the dough you can probablytell from the video that the dough isnow a lot more sticky and a lot morehydrated than it was when we wereinitially kneading it so I think all ofthe ingredients are well combined we’regonna go ahead and pop this into thebowl and let it rise for three hours soI’m gonna cover it up and we will comeback and check it then right here iswhat our dough looks like after it’sbeen rising for three hoursnow we’re gonna go ahead and turn thisout of the bowl and get it pre shaped soI want to start off by adding some flourto my counter tops and we will turn ourdough out of the bowl the goal in preshaping is to get some nice tensionacross the top of your loaf so you’rejust gonna want to take your doughscraper and/or your hands and just gounderneath the dough to create sometension across the top now again thisdough got really really sticky when weadded that oatmeal so if you need to addsome flour go ahead and do that[Music]we’re not gonna let our dope interestfor about 30 minutes I’m gonna cover itup with the flowered kitchen towel andwe’ll come back and check it then allright it’s been about 30 minutes ourdough is done interesting so I’m gonnago ahead and get this shaped it’s gonnaadd a little bit of flour so I can flipthis over and I’ll add a little bit moreflour to my work surfacenow scoot this overso again we’re just going to take thistop part of the dough and fold this downto meet the center I’m going to take onecorner of my dough I’m going to holdthis all the way over and the side foldit all the way over hereI’m gonna take the bottom two cornersand I’m just gonna fold these into thecenter make sure you have a nice tightseam here pinch it if you need to usethe heel of your hand we’re just goingto take the top of the doughfold this onto the bottom again createthat tight seam pinch the sides if youneed to we’re just going to roll thisinto a s cylinder shapeand when you’re done it should looksomething like this now while I thinkthis is a little bit more of an advancedshaping technique for a loaf I’m gonnago ahead and leave my pant loaf video uphere for you guys just in case you wantto try that shaping method I’m sure thatwould work just fine now I have agreased loaf pan here and I’m going toput this into the greased loaf pan seamside down and it should look somethinglike this so we’re gonna go ahead andlet this proof seam side down for aboutan hour to an hour and a half until thisreally Rises and kind of bubbles overthe top of the loaf and so we’ll comeback and check it then here is what ourbread looks like after it’s beenproofing this loaf pan is a little bitbigger so it didn’t exactly mushroomover but it has definitely definitelyrisen so I’m gonna make an egg washreally quick and I just need to take anegg and add a couple tablespoons of milkto this and we’ll just whisk it up andbrush it over the top of the look[Music]if you don’t want to use an egg wash youcan use water but I’m going to be usingan egg wash today and we’re just gonnause a pastry brush to brush thechocolate bar lift alright and just forlooks I am gonna sprinkle this low withsome of those same oats but we actuallyincorporate it into the breadobviously this is optional but if youwant to get fancy go ahead and do it sowe’re gonna pop this into the oven andbake this at 375 for about 20 minutesand we’re just gonna check it to makesure the top isn’t getting too Brown ifit’s getting too Brown we’re just goingto lay some foil across the top it’slike a tent to keep it from getting tooBrown I also want to remind everyone tobe mindful over your heating element islocated Martin is at the top of my ovenso I have my oven rack positioned rightin the center of the oven if yours islocated at the bottom you may want tomove that up a little bit after we checkour bread at the 20 minute mark we’regoing to then cook it for about 20 to 25more minutes just keeping an eye on itto make sure it’s not getting it toodarkall right our bread has been cooling ona wire rack for about 30 minutes ifyou’re making this recipe at home justbe sure to take it out of the loaf panto cool if you don’t do that it’s gonnabe really soggy and hard to remove fromthe pan the bread smells so good itreally has just made the entire housesmell like brown sugar so I’m reallyexcited to cut into this let’s go aheadand do a taste testthe bread is so soft it almost has thislike creamy butter flavor it’s just sofluffy and soft the brown sugar isn’treally coming through it’s not likeextremely overpowering I definitelywouldn’t call this a sweet bread I thinkthis would be great for a sandwichhonestly overall I think this loaf was asuccess I’m super excited for you guysif you decided to try this recipe athome now be sure to tune in next weekbecause like I mentioned in thebeginning of this video we are moving onto the next chapter which is enrichedbreads and we will be making brioche soI am super excited to try that with youguys if you like this video be sure togive it a thumbs up be sure to subscribeand thanks again for watching and donutwith PG I’ll see you guys next timehello we’re done with all this and Idon’t know what I’m talking about Idon’t know why I’m excited about thisbread doesn’t superfriend have to be meokay got itwe saw it okayyeahwas that good does that mean Stanokayokay so just be normalis that good hot tub again what am Isayingwe’re good we’re done

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