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🎧 [ASMR baking] Making easy Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread with me // WITH HA

Wear your headphone for a better ASMR experience 🙂

In this video, I did not make bread from scratch to reduce the baking time. You can easily go to your local bakery store to get any type of bread you want for this recipe. I am not an expert when it comes to baking, but I still made it; therefore you can do it too!

Please enjoy this easy recipe and hope to see you in the next videos.

Below is my ingredient list, please feel free to adjust the portion based on your preferences.

Garlic: 40gr
Unsalted butter: 120gr
Condensed milk: 2 teaspoons
Egg: 1
Parsley: 5gr
Tools: A large bowl, a whisk.

Cream cheese: 230gr (250gr if you fancy)
Sugar: 20gr
Milk ( I used Almond milk, but feel free to use any type of your choice, you can also use whipping cream): 50ml
Tool: Spatula, a bowl

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Easy Korean Cream Cheese Bread
Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

Translation: 🎧 [ASMR baking] Làm bánh mì bơ tỏi kem phô mai Hàn Quốc ngon đơn giản ai cũng làm được // WITH HA

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Video Transcription

Hi guys, today I am making another ASMR food video. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Peel the garlic and then mash it finelyIf you don’t have this, no worries. You can just chop or mice them.For a faster result, you can also place the butter in a microwave for 30s.Feel free to increase the amount of condensed milk if you have a sweet tooth.Make sure you washed your hands before doing this :)It’s OKAYYY if you are not doing it perfectlyyour bread would still look good at the end, trust me!!!Told you, I am clumsy and clearly not an expert

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