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vegan fried mushrooms + waffles

my first cooking tutorial on how to make an alkaline vegan version of “chicken and waffles” with organic maitake mushrooms + chickpea flour waffles.

for this video i fried the mushrooms using two different methods — air-frying and pan-frying. all ingredients used are alkaline approved. you can find the link to appliances below.

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mini waffle maker: https://www.target.com/p/dash-mini-maker-waffle-aqua/-/A-52912898?ref=tgt_adv_XS000000&AFID=google_pla_df&fndsrc=tgtao&CPNG=PLA_Appliances%2BShopping_Brand&adgroup=SC_Appliances&LID=700000001170770pgs&network=g&device=m&location=9007459&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjbyhz6TW5wIVQZyzCh2RxQ3qEAQYASABEgK97PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

air-fryer: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/emerald-2-1qt-air-fryer-black/6327151.p?skuId=6327151

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Video Transcription

hey everybody today I’m going to befilming my first tutorial cookingtutorial for my youtube channel and I’mgonna make some fried mushrooms andwaffles kind of like chicken and wafflesthere’s a 5 mushrooms taste very verysimilar to fried chicken in real timetoday’s Valentine’s Day I just left thegym grab some strawberries from thegrocery store and I’m really hungry soI’m excited to cook and I just got a newwaffle maker from Target for 10 dollarsso I can’t wait to try it I’m gonna frythe mushrooms in two ways today Idecided I’m gonna fry it in the pan withoil which isn’t the healthiest choicebut it tastes really great but I’m alsogonna try it with my airfryer which Ihave been hesitant to do so far becauseI’ve only used my airfryer twice so farI use it once to make mozzarella sticksbut cashew cheese and it came out reallyreally great but then I tried to use ita second time with some sweet potatofries and it was horrible they were likeburnt and dried out and they justwouldn’t fry pop early so I was kind oflike not really trying to put mushroomsin there because they’re prettyexpensive the ones that I use maybe Icould have tested it out with adifferent kind but we’ll see today I’mgonna be frying some maitake mushroomsand I’m gonna make some Alkaline wafflesthe whole meal will be alkaline I’mstarting to transition my diet to dr.say bees I’ll go on and diet I’ll go Ihave vegan diet so I’m trying out allthe recipes that I can learning how tocook new things this week it’s been funso yeah let’s get into itI’m gonna start out this video by makingthe waffles they’re vegan gluten freeand alkaline diet approved the firstingredient I’m going to be using ischickpea flour also known as carbinesoybean flour if you’re looking for itin this store you can also make alkalinewaffles with spelt flour but just so youknow spelt flour is not gluten free okayso we’re going to use a quarter cup offlour for each waffle and the otherthing about the chickpea flour aside forme being gluten free is also packed withnutrients and it’s high in protein soit’s good for me to use after I’veworked out the second ingredient we’regoing to put in there is some sparklingspring wateryou’re just gonna mix it up add a littlebit in there at a time and mix it tomake it like a pancake batterconsistency I’m sorry this is like toolate reactions but I’m doing a voiceoveron there so yeah so I add a little bitof agave syrup about half a teaspoon perwaffle that I’m gonna make and mix it upsome more you can also use dates sugarif you have itand this is the waffle maker that I gotfrom Target it’s by – and their missionis to create appliances that help usunprocess our food so I think it’sreally great though our full maker ispretty small and it’s enough sorry thenyou’re gonna add some grapeseed oil tothe waffle maker lightly coat it so thatit doesn’t stick but yeah so thesewaffles you can make them pretty fastand then you can also freeze them andstore them so you could like make abatch store them in the freezer put themin a toaster throughout the week and Ijust think it’s really great we’re gonnaplug it in and let it heat for a fewsecondsand then you’re gonna pour in the batterand fill it at first I use this spoonwhich wasn’t the best method and I waskind of nervous about making it overflowso I didn’t really put enough batterinto the waffle maker the first time butit still came out pretty good this wasthe very first waffle that I make you’regonna carefully remove it with aheat-safe spatulaand then I’m gonna make another oneand since I messed up the first one Iwanted to make a third one and I justmake more better as I need it becausethe ingredients can get pretty expensiveand you don’t want to make too much andwaste it so just making it as you goalong is the best option especiallysince they’re so simple and since it’sat for a while I added a little moregrapeseed oil to it but typically youonly really need to do that one timebecause it is a nonstick waffle ironand these are the maitake mushrooms thatwe’re gonna be frying next I got themfrom Whole Foods I chose those becausethey’re organic and they didn’t haveorganic oyster mushrooms but you canalso use voice they’re mushrooms as wellokay now we’re going to get into makingthe fried mushrooms we’re going to beusing spelt flour some sea salt onionpowderso we’re gonna start off with about acup of spelt flour i don’t reallymeasure anything but i so i asked tomean it’s about a cup I don’t recommendpouring things out the back like I didin this video but I was really hungry soI was kind of rushing through it and Idid this a little backwards usually Imixed up all of the seasonings for ateaspoon of each seasonings salt onionpowder and I also added cayenne pepperas well which is optional so you mixthat up really well and then you’regonna add in a little bit of water at atime gradually to make another batterthat’s also very similar to like pancakebatter for the mushrooms typicallyhowever you make fried chicken you’rejust gonna make the mushrooms it’s justa lot faster and you don’t have to worryabout cross-contamination and all thateither they’re organic maitake mushroomsand I’m gonna be using and to clean themyou clean them off with like a damppaper towel you don’t really rinse themthey’re kind of tough to clean becausethe shape is different so just do yourbest and I’m gonna break it apart intotender sized pieces you kind of looklike chicken tenders or like the minichicken wingslike the flower is pretty cuteand first I’m gonna try frying themushrooms with my airfryer I got thisemerald airfryer for $19 from Best Buyit was on sale when I bought itlet it heat it up first again and we’regonna coat a cast-iron pan with somegrapeseed oil to prep it for the panfried mushrooms coat the mushrooms withthe batter just take it in the airfryerjust to see how they’re gonna turn outand I played with the settings a littlebit I never really use this so I wasn’treading the instructions which our alsodon’t recommend him but I put it onabout 350 for five minutes just to testit out to see how they would turn outand then I went on to coat the rest ofthe mushrooms while it cookeddice up some strawberries heat with thewaffles and mushroomsand this is what they look like theycame out pretty goodI like the texture although they arecrispy they also even reheat better inthe oven than the parent fried ones theystay really crispy so they lookdifferent but I approve of them and Iwill be using this more oftennow we’re gonna get into the pan frywe’re gonna set this stove to a mediumheat and let the oil heat up for alittle bit and then we’re gonna add inthe mushrooms into the pan I sped thisup because I didn’t want to make youguys dizzy because I was holding thecamera and it was like all over theplace but you’re gonna fry each mushroomfor about four minutes on each side turnit over on the front back also on theside if you need to justify it thebatter really well and you’re gonna frythem until they turn golden brown turnthe heat off and this is what they looklike you get a very crispy deliciousfried mushroom so beautifulmy favorite thing to have and thenyou’re going to serve this meal of someagave syrup on topthank you for watching this video pleasesubscribe to my channel so you can stayupdated with new ones like comment shareit with your friends let me know whatother kind of things you would like tosee and follow me at Victoria Giannaproject Darla project Darla calm

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