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Russian waffles: sweet childhood memories

These are the most crispy waffles that i know, I grew up under its sweet. I remember how my mom were baking them just for Xmas or Easter, usually the waffles were filled with condensed milk and walnuts. But in this video I put on them some modern notes, italian meringue that gives you a rich flavour of creme.
I suggest you to acquire that Russian Electric Square Waffle Iron Maker, because the waffles are crispier, but other waffle maker make it a little soft.

Eggs – 5
Sugar- 150 g
Melted butter – 150 g
Oil – 50 ml
Flour – 200 g

Italian Meringue
Egg White – 60 g
Sugar – 115 g
Cherry juice – 45 ml

Original of the video here

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