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Protein Waffles with Banana and Blueberries 2020

How to make Protein Waffles with only 4 ingredients. You can make this in around 5 minutes. Simple and tasty snack.
Vegan Protein Powder
Baking Powder

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]this junk can use cotton if you weredepressed unusually has a measurement onthe side also you’re gonna need yoursilken spatula this is essentially tosprite your batter mix you can use asilicone brush used to split[Music][Music]that’s just everything I just said whyshe won the job[Music][Music]because it’s been good I have because Ilike it and it blends really well withmyself and mix some other proteins doneof try other brands not as effective butalso office teaspoon of baking powderthat’s it folks I’ve got small eggs towhole ones you can use leaves and largeexcusewhy hoping to show me that you canalways figure out before you mix it onceyou have that intuitive length I blendit for about 15 seconds 20 seconds youdon’t want the mix to get you alonglikewise the eggcrazy bad things should be a niceconsistencynot to are you not too thick no oneasked you something[Music][Music][Music][Music]whoa whoa go like a good night to comeout then I thought I saw something whiteeven is it about this whole process youtake more than five minutes start tofinishreally what’s the wires then pull backinside after spraining although makingsure that the families were slicknow that the waffle irons pulled up youcan see that because it will be nicegoing off now just spray it with somecoconut water make sure it well itdesign walk I request great[Music]can’t split this all around don’t haveto do[Music]that’s done[Music]now just constantly I said it’s on thenecks up set its on for three and a halfminutes connect sums stop no that’sbetween 12 minutes Texas just notifiedme just take off[Music][Music]you[Music][Music][Music]

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