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Protein Waffles For Beginners!!!!

Hey you guys today I decided to show you how to make my favorite go to snack PROTEIN WAFFLES!!!!! You can literally make this for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, or Dinner. Nothing better than getting protein in after a good leg day or just getting tasty protein in in general. Hope you guys enjoy and try it.

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Waffle maker: https://www.doordash.com/store/waffle-iron-prescott-473110/633310/

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Video Transcription

– fire – fire and you guys and welcomeback to my channel so today we are justgoing to be making this quick snack doesthese protein waffles and that is justwhat we’re gonna get into today so staytuned okay you guys so the first thingyou’re gonna need is a banana you knowegg the banana and the egg is the baseof your waffle so you’re gonna get anice ripe banana and then you’re gonnaput in technical difficulties you guysI’m trying to make you guys see what I’mdoing just put it in a bowl and justlike start mashing it up and wanted tobe really really smooth like reallysmooth because you definitely don’t wantit clumpy because clumpy waffles are notcute so I’m just gonna you know speed itup for you guys so it could be straightto the points so you definitely want itto be really really really smooth makesure however you like it some peoplelike the banana chunks in the waffle Imean I like it to be really smooth it’sjust a preferenceshe’s my finger so you see how cool thatislike keep mixing look at that that’sreally really good and just keep youknow mixing I could have still mixed itbut yeah so crack your eggs a littledrop it and then you’re also going tomix that up mix a mix and mix it mix itmix it up mix it up and you also wantthat to be as smooth as possible so wego as you can see that’s really smoothand it’s really good but I’m also thenstill just mix it yeah thumbs up that isgreatso thissome protein powder I really really dolove it I got it from Target it’s reallygood you guys it’s 30 grams of proteinwho don’t love protein especially onthat day I do and it’s the only onepost-workout so you know it’s a win-winsituation so we’re just gonna pop itopen and all they’re just doing is justtaking a scoop not too much girlyeah make it neata scoop and that’s the scoop and it’schocolate I love chocolate one scoopdump it you know put it right in thereand then we’re also going to mix itremember the key is to want a nicesmooth thick consistency you know noclumps but if if that’s your preferenceyou know all good to you so as you cansee I’m just really really stirring itbecause I want it really smoothoh we’re good or neck from now the samesuper we used for the protein powderwe’re gonna get some almond flour withit now you can use any type of almondflour any brand and you’re just gonnascoop it upyeah guru just gonna scoop one scoop andjust stir it smoothly like you’re justbasically repeating the steps and youjust want that consistency to be goodbecause you don’t want it to like beclumpy and what is right not to in adoesn’t place tastes pleasant as well soyou see how through that is just keepstirring it so you feel comfortable nowhe’s it’s gonna get like chocolate chipsof your choice and just like a littlecareful not too much yeah and dump themBao me no Jim Jones and you’re justgonna keep throwing it around or thechocolate chip cookie go sleep maybeserve good so now be gonna just use mywaffle maker that I got from Target itis a – waffle maker it’s a mini one andit was $10 you guys so that’s reallygood now we’re just gonna try not makeit messy I’m a very messy person when itcomes to this just pour it in reallyreally good and really really reallyneat yeah then just close it and it getsreally really hot so please try not totouch itokay so let’s just check on that wafflegirl it’s cute as ever and okayyou are fourth you guys to flip andcheck on it don’t be like me I think I’mlike invincible so keep checking on thatwaffle you see that that is cute so nowyou gonna make another waffleit can make like three good wafflesy’all so just keep on repeating that youlook at the try to be neat y’all try tobe me I’m not neat when it comes to thisyou see me I’m amazed I’m me she try tobe it and just continue and you coulddefinitely do different recipes look atme with my fingers I am amazed yeah itdropped girl cuz you you’re not using afork you know that I’m five-second ruleyou see me touching it that’s my thirdwall for y’all looking deep you know soI just paired it with some bacon andeggs cuz you could definitely use it asbreakfast or a snackand that is my skinny kulfi I’m a pushon once a day yeah it was definitelyreally good you can use this as snacklunch dinner you name it and that littlemini waffle maker is like the goat

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