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Nooooo to potatos to make me waffles

Boii respect that !

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

now it doesn’t eat me because he’s not
gonna say it it’s like I mean it’s like
it’s not a custom skin but it was made
by minecraft no it cost my it caused a
mind point I hope it works because the
last time wasn’t me
why is JP bar on the ground
Oh guess was that
really turn that off
now this is a game that’s a let’s return
to the port yeah does that tend to see
monsters that’s what I want to do
now this name stalks is gonna play a
different game guys guys getting tall
worki working minecraft shop is not
working okay
maybe should we fight let me be topless
play art no I have money left on my
oh my Microsoft he thought colorful
chair got kicking up at the bird dance
because they keep the shipping a ship so
that game was basically a ship game and
hey okay oh yeah like a just like job

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