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Muffin Mix-Make Waffles & Donuts -5 More Things to Buy & Stockpile

Buy 1 Item-Make 2 Things-Muffin Mix Make Waffles & Donuts-5 More Things to Buy & Stokoile

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Video Transcription

hello to all my friends out there hi youguys I hope everyone is doing okayespecially in Arizona I think the firesare still burning we have them out herethey’re there they’re awful so I hopeyou guys are doing well everyone so thisvideo is by one thing and make twothings so the other day when I was outshopping I got this muffin mix and I hadit in mind to make try to make wafflesout of the muffin mix and pancakes howdo you make the and donuts not pancakesI couldn’t make sure so all you need isthis and I didn’t take out I bought umsoy milk so I want to use fool Jim Iwant to use my soy milk at night I needbowls of cereal with this stuff it’s notbad so I want to make some waffles seehow it worksI think this could be any kind ofbiscuit or pancake so I did researchbest I couldand from what I could figure out youcould just mix it up like gum muffinsand you know make waffles so I will tryit and then at the same time a whiskwould have been nice when I couldn’tfind wine and then I made some of myfavorite parmesan garlic chicken so letme get my waffle maker my got plenty ofspace so I wouldn’t you know considersaying any bad language I’m gonna do theother night let’s see if this thing isshowing okayum if you guys remember at ChristmastimeI was buying I wanted to find a minifireplace and I did find a minifireplace this has been heating for awhile so I think I’ll wipe it down alittle bit anyway I found one for $5.00and after I bought it for the minifireplace for $5.00 I’m really glad Ionly paid five dollars at the same timeI got a bunch of appliances I hope Ididn’t spray my plants they have enoughissues okay so I want to save a littlebit so I can make some some donuts oh Idon’t think it’s gonna be any problem sothese waffle this this muffin mix wasonly about 80 something cents at Walmartso now see what happens[Music]okayit doesn’t click or anything to let youknow it’s okay it may be used to in theday when it was was yummy this smellsgood so you might be thinking did youjust make this the other night yeah Idid I made waffles too but I use wafflemix and I had it in mind that I wantedto make donuts and you know out herehere’s my chicken I’ll tell you how outhere we can do we can make we can go toplaces the town is open but since we hadthe massive crowds of protesters Ithought I’m sorry I can’t trust you thatyou stayed a quarantine that you didn’tget in those thousands of people crowdsevent now you’re making my food so Iwant to show you thisI just this is either I planted this Isaved this thing and this is either azucchini plantit’s even got a few little flowers or acatalog for some food that I ate andthen I bought this at Walmart when itwas really small and I bought that no Idid not pulled that up out of the groundwhen I was on my walk so as soon as thisgrease is a little hotter I’ll learn ohit’s ready you guyswhat I’m doing is I’m eating mystockpile down ooh yummy yummy yummy Ithink I could use another minute um whenthey’re done popped right out of thethey popped right out of the the makerI’ll give it another minute so now Iwant to fry my I want to I just haveCrisco in here I don’t want to investtoo much money in these uh biscuit ormuffin mix doughnuts anyway so you cancrave doughnuts you know I lovedoughnuts I like to actually get themabout once or twice a weekyou can buy the ones in the package butthey are not the same not at all solet’s see if this is ready this is thebest way to test oh yeah it looks prettygoodI’m gonna heat it just a minute so okayI love muffin mix I can make muffinsI can make waffles or pancakes or Icould make Donuts pineapple in its ownjuice okay you can add your pineapplejuice to your frosting and make apineapple upside-down cakeor you can get the pineapple juice anddrink it down so that way you’re notready that way you’re not going to I’mgoing to make like little Donutsthey might be turning out kind of likelittle pancakes if so then the next timeI would make them a little thicker youknow not add so much milk but they mightplump out with the you know with the mixI don’t know what’s gonna happen you’llknow when I know truthfully hi yeahblues forgot about my waffle oh Iwould’ve been so mad if I heard mywaffle so you guys I’m working oh theyummy I don’t know this looks prettygood look at this you guys yummy yummyyummy so we have to be creative and wehave to make sure our life is a goodlife you know no matter what becausethis is the only life you know nothingis actually better than the top part ofthe muffin anyway that’s what these looklike take a lookRorty your ear doughnuts look likepancakes yeah but they’re nice andfluffy yeah that’s true but my doughnutsare gonna taste good I have faith in theI have faith in them that waffles sureturned out and do it I’ll tell you thatI don’t even have to taste this thislooks greatI don’t care peopleI’d say my my Crisco was a little bittoo hot but okay now saw you guys my dogburgers were very successful the dogloved them and then my everything burgerwas really really good I I have oneboiled egg you know I made a boiled eggand then I didn’t eat it last night andthen I made a little salad and I justheated my everything burger I’ll bemaking some more of those not no becauseyou know I got other things here okay sowhat I did was to make my those are fullspeed donuts I just got some frostingyou know I had it in the freezer and sowhat I have is some limits so I will Ithink some lemon frosting would be tastyon my Donuts why notthis is a good time to be creativeso what whoo yummy so if you if you wantto make lemon frosting this would begood with pineapple juice so you knowsome of that pineapple juice we weretalking about no cold germs out herepeople are wearing their masks butthey’re being defiant and they’re notwearing their masks over their nosesokay so I think to myself when they’redoing that what kind of utter unsafethings are you doing when nobody’slooking a lot of people don’t think thatthe Covent was realwe know someone a truck driver I mean hecaught it you know when they weredriving through tell you was not goodyou also know a nurse so I got the kindof sprinkles with my um with my how weeat the kind of frosting that comes withthe sprinkles I always do and thischicken is my favorite so I want toencourage you guys to be creative but tohang on to all the money you possiblycan okay look at this cuteness this is amini donut holeyou guys that is so good you gotta trythat where’s my where’s my okay I have Ibuy this stuff always at the dollarstores but lately they’re making themreally small as to whether this smalltrend will continue or not it depends wehave to see okay so what I did is I gotchicken tenders at Walmart chickenhamburger bacon ends you know calvesalso sausage hot dogschorizo pork sausage anything I canthink of it was cheap so I have mychicken let me give you a close-up ofthis side one side tooI sprinkled my chicken with garlicpepper and garlicI mean garlic salt and black pepperfirst of all I dipped it in egg and thenI had bread crumbs and I’m eating themdown so I got those big huge boxes ofcornflakes and I thought I will makemyself a tasty little batch of granolagranola bars with those cornflakes Ithink the cornflakes are tastier alittle tastier than the Cheerios howevernone of the Cheerios are left so theycouldn’t have been too bad we’re heightand then I’ll have a little barbecuesauce so okay so I’ve been cheap so butI’m still gonna be fine I’m not gonna beI already had plenty of veggies today soI don’t need any veggies then all righttake a look at thisif you carefully fry your pancakes whymy fat was a little too hot sometimesthey use the pictures sometimes I dookay so now no no nowhat else did I come up with so okay thefirst thing I came up with was themuffin mix Walmart already worsesometimes I get those at grocery outletfor a quarter tomatoes in its own juiceokay out of that if you need tomatosauce just take the juice out and cookit down or just drink the tomato juicefor ketchupit’s one-half cup tomato sauce so youcan use the tomato juice 2 tbsp sugar 1tablespoon vinegar and 1/8 teaspooncloves out of milk you can make yogurtoh and out of the tomatoes if you grindyour tomatoes in the blender and youhave your lettuce and you just drop youryou drop your tomatoes after you youknow press grind a couple times and itis just as good as Tomatoes salsa saladthis is still on tomatoes in spaghettior tomatoes and macaroni milk yogurtmilk you can make yogurt and gravy thoseare really and then the Parmesan cheesewhen I make the saladsI use this Parmesan cheese and you knowI have it on my chicken as well and thencoffee creamer 1/3 cup coffee creamer 21 cup warm water for milk like in thisif you didn’t have any milk that wouldbe perfect so I decided to do the resalebusiness when I mean tired but I wasthinking I was only going to workpart-time but after this coded thing Ithought no you’re working five moreyears full-time so today I’ll show youwhat Iold I sold beers have to be careful lookat this cuteness Express dress brand-newand so see how cute it is it’s a minidress and somebody bought it and so whatI do what I’m doing the resale is I buystuff as cheap as I can and now I buyonly new items last week on Friday ifyou saw the show I got two two dressesand the one that’s like a little cottondress already has a watcher and it’llprobably sell and I took a bid on thatdress for $12 and that is really gooddress so the girl gets a good deal andso my idea was to do the swap meet andthen I got sidetracked on eBay couldn’tdo the swap meet because of the kobanbut I still could do the eBay and thenso you know I went to all new stuff sotoday I got a Monterey Jack cheese andthe cheese was scanty knows you knownext time they have it in Walmart I’mpacking my freezer full of cheese andthen the other thing that is good I wasdoing this research on cheap food cheaplike nutritious cheap food and I boughtthis for $1 at $0.99 only and what I’vebeen doing is having cheese and fruityou know to get off the sugar and it’sbeen actually working pretty good youguys also yogurt cheese or cottagecheese is good it’s cheese Jesus cheeseno um you know when you’re trying to cutdown on your bad habits so okay I madefour cups of tea and this is a cheapbeverage and then you know I I squeezed1/2 lemon and I bought you know thefruit at$0.09 only in yesterday I said GroceryOutlet and it’s not and then I was ableto get I got grapefruit the other dayand I’m saving all the seeds out ofeverything I don’t care what it is lookI even have my avocado seeds in theresleep and then I’m planting them and alot of stuff is actually growing in factmy garden is a little out of control Ihad so much stuff in there it’s okay andthen last night I left my quinine I meanmy tonic water out all night and Ithought wow I wonder you know if thatwas Diet Coke it would be totally ruinedbut it’s not and it was flying I couldjust drink it all down and start on anew bottle but so sing out of one smallgrapefruit you don’t they had grapefruitat Walmart but it was a dollar each sowhat I’m trying to do is buy everythingmarked down what would I do with itI took it outso you know if you can up your vitamin Cif you get a get it cheap like I do whynot okay so I have a little bit morestuff to tell you guys okay last youknow like I do YouTube and I think tomyself my gosh you look really awfulalmost every time you know and so thismorning I was sleeping you know like ina light sleep and I had this dream andit was me standing right here just likeI am now my hair was exactly the same Ihad no makeup on and my hair was gray Ihave not seen my own hair in years and Iam so you know this is what I do for aliving and I thought well you know youreally don’t look that bad and then inmy dream I like said to the cosmos Ithink I’ll keep my big fat lips so Iretouch my hair and so if you’re gonnado I got this at $0.99 only and so thetrick is only color your roots so Icolored my hair after you know I saw mytrue selfthat was a strangest thing ever and thenI saved out this is only for a touch-upso they don’t give you much so I savedout I had a little bleach I bought ahighlight kit at the 99-cent store but Ijust took out a little and I put twolittle streaks and one streak but I haveto be careful because the dollar stuffcracked off my hair so some of my hairis really really sure okay so my dog myson’s dog loved the dog food burgers Imade and if you want to see him eatgetting his head in my son said he wasmuch happier today and I said wellthat’s fine I’ll be making him some moreI made a jerky I just put thin cut beefthey’re in the free in the oven at 250and I baked it down and made in jerky heliked that toookay I found a new channel let’s see ifthis thing is still going you never knowI found the new channel and I reallyreally like it copy with Kate Erbinstead life and and what attracted meto a thug that YouTube fed it to me whatI learned from a poor friend so it was agood video and you know I had to go tothe self-help groups and a lot of timesI’d be sitting in a meeting I haven’tbeen to meetings during the Kovan thankheavens I have a lot of years ofsobriety but a lot of times I wouldn’thear anything helpful until the end thatwasn’t the case in this video but what Iheard in the video coffee with Kate Erbinstead life was by big bags by the bighuge bags of potatoes and I had beenthinking about doing it anyway and sowhen I heard her say that I thought yeahI’m gonna buy those big bags ofeverything I’m gonna go down here andI’m gonna buy a big bag of oatmeal youknow everything I need the big size youknow they have lots of places Costco sofrom now on I’m just gonna buy thefull-on big sizes and she had so manygood tips on what she learned from herpoor friend coffee with Kate Erb insteadlife a lot of my followers alreadyfollowed the same same people and thenone more thing okay I’ve been watchingthese life coaches and also these likethese like how do you know create yourconsciousness type stuff I don’t agreewith everything they say but the onegoodhe said you know like when you’re you’rein the self quarantine go back to themusic when you were in high school andwatch that and it’ll really put you in agood mood and it does so I was watchingthe carpenters I mean carpenter aftercarpenter after carpenter so what Iwatch and if you guys are carpenter fansand how I even thought of watching it asI was in it McDonald’s at Walmart andthey have a track and it plays the samesongs over and over but what I watchedthe game was Karen Carpenter’s weddingand I had never seen it and it wasreally really good but what I reallyloved about it it was Karen singing andit was Richard singing and so you knowlike you’re a Karen Carpenter fan andyou go well and most of she must have ahorrible husband Luke who couldn’t getalong with that lovable girl well Ididn’t get the Sun City was horrible butanyway it was the most beautiful weddingyou know I watched the royalty weddingsyou know Prince Harry you know PrinceWilliam I mean and I think I’m gonna seeif I can fight Prince Charles andCamilla so I did a search and I foundKaren Carpenter I just did a searchKaren Carpenter wedding and it was sopretty and so and it put me into reallygood mood and then the other one I’vebeen watching the EaglesI love the Eagles so now these donutsthat I made are going to let me tastesee you tomorrow please like comment andsubscribe and god bless you all

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