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LET’S COOK: Hushpuppy Waffles | My WW Blue, Purple, Green

I’m excited to share with you my Hushpuppy Waffles. They’re just something that popped into my head and I wasn’t even sure they would work until I tried them but they did and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you enjoy.

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Hushpuppy Waffles

1 cup self-rising cornmeal mix
1 cup self-rising flour
2 teaspoons sugar
1 teaspoon oil
2 eggs
5 tablespoons Saaco Buttermilk Powder
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
1/2 onion, grated
2 ounces shredded Cabot 75% Less Fat Cheese

In a medium bowl whisk together dry ingredients. Mix in wet ingredients until well combine. Stir in onion and cheese. You may also leave out cheese just adjust your points. I will leave out when I make these with fish. Cook on waffle iron as with any other type of waffle.

Makes 3 cups batter. Points will be determined by your waffle maker and how many waffles you get. Mine made 12 and they are 3 points each on all three plans.

Recipe for Paula Deen’s House Seasoning that I use in almost every single cooking video:
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon pepper
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
(4x this recipe will fit in a pint jar)

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay now we are gonna try somethingcompletely newI haven’t positively been simmering overhere and I was supposed to cook todayright well it came to me I thought hmmjelly bean sounds good I got an ideawell I don’t really want corn muffinsbecause I might have corn muffinsnext week with my mains so I started togo on through my app you know looking atmy recipes and I come across my hushpuppies and I had this little ding dingding hey let’s try something we’re gonnamake hush puppy waffles if they’re outthere I’ve never seen them hadn’t lookedfor him getting google it don’t know ifanybody’s ever thought of it but I wasreal excited that I did I am tweaking myhush puppy recipe that I’ve had foreverbut of course you know a deep-fried youknow the epic fish fries do you rememberthose deep fried deep fried deep friedI’m hoping they’ll at least taste likeit and maybe get a little bit of crispon the waffle iron I have it heating upover there so hopefully by the time weget this stirred up you don’t be readybut the first thing I already have inthe bowl and I’m putting it in this bowlbecause it takes about a cup to a cupand a quarter of batter to cover mygriddle to cover all four squares and Iwant to see how much I have to make surehow many proper portions I can get outof it to point it out I’m hoping an 8 to10 and that’s going to keep it aroundthe 3-point on purple which I think withthe exception of green which must countthe eggs everything I think is countedon all programs so anyway in here I have1 cup of self-rising cornmeal and 1 cupof self-rising flour to thatI’m gonna use this powdered buttermilkthey didn’t have and I’ve used this inthe past so it works they didn’t haveany good and when you stop tablespoonsfour tablespoons makes a cup I think itis I’m using fire because I can get thatmany for the same points without takingit up so that’s why I’m going to goahead and take advantage of it but theydidn’t have any fat free three let mecan’t hold off or they didn’t have anyfat-free butter me up when I put myorder in to pick up the day so I figurewell this will last me longer anyway sowhat you do with it is whatever you’remakingyou just put the dry buttermilk powderit in with your dry ingredients if Ifinish that I have two teaspoons ofsugar I’m gonna hit put that out now Idon’t know I’m getting right down extrabaking powder but I’m standing here withyes thank youmaybe I should have so I’m going to thisI’ve not made the test run this is ity’all this is the run so let me just adda teaspoon of thatoh my things ready it’s gonna go get toohotwe better hop so that was a teaspoon ofbaking powder now hold on I’m gonna goturn that down okayI even mine go any other time I will bestanding there waiting for days for thatthing to heat up and I come over here tomix this up and it does that to me so Iwon’tnow put more all in my husband’s eventhough they’re frying all up a littlebit all them too so to try themaybe get some of that crispness I’mjust keeping it to a teaspoon I don’tknow that it helped or not but it didnot hurt the points me and I to eggs nowI’m doing the eggs first because eventhough I have more than 3/4 cups ofbuttermilk almond milkI’m not sure I’m gonna need it all and Iwant to make sure I get the eggs inthere and instead of putting the milk inthere and not having enough room for theeggs because it’s too loose you don’thave to do it when you do that when youdo the buttermilk you can just use wateryou do not have to use almond milk Ijust thought it just might be good sothat’s why I’m doingso I’m going to start with I got one in3/4 cups I’m just gonna start with 1 cupand cross my fingers that it’s not toomuch but you know what if it is I’llknow next time so let me just stir thisup and I’ll be right backok I got that stirred up and what youhave here is a decent hushpuppy batterand we want it horrible so let me anddown to about a half a cup left so I’llbe wanting one of the quarter cups okayI think one and a quarter cups that iscleaner it’s the will adjust the recipebut I don’t think it’s gonna checkpoints at all now the next thing I wantto add I put onions in my hush puppiesI don’t want whole anything here becauseit’s gonna be on the waffle iron so I’mgonna grate some onion this is 1/4 of adecent sized onion so I’m just gonnagrate and she I think I haven’t as muchas I walk ok I had a major malfunction Igraded on too small of a hole and backtrying it again I’m gonna trap ourgrated cheese on this side so it’s notgonna hurt nothing so we’re gonna trythis again ok alright I got as much doneas I can and save my fingers so let’ssee what we got Oh that’ll benobody wave cleaning that was about ahalf of a really what the full halfbecause part of the onion was notgood-looking so how much ever how muchever you want really actually you don’teven have to use it if you don’t want tobut to me that hushpuppy it’s not ahushpuppy without some onion now the onething that I’m doing that I would neverdo to my husband’s ever that’s putcheese in itbut I thought it would make a goodaddition to the chili so since this isnot great d30 I can use my cabot 75%cheese I have two ounces that’s just twopoints that’s all yes I think that isall I can do I don’t know if that’s allI can do for the points but it’sdefinitely all I wanted to do for thisamount of batter I didn’t want to takeit over so let’s head over first of allI told you we were putting it in here soyou see how much didn’t hold it up y’allcan’t see it so hold on that is threecups I okay how this think that’s threecups so gotta be one two three and thenthat’s twelve I think we’re going to get12 pancakes waffles out of this so thepoints are gonna come down alright let’shead over there and get this started I’mexcited to see if it’s gonna work okayso I finally got it back upnow I’ve already sprayed this thecooking spray so I’m gonna use one cupand I’m in my own life I know not much Ican do about it here where I’m positionI’m not the bestest little waffle makerin the US of A okay we’ll see what kindsof things well I’m nervousyeah I am nervous okay it’s gettingpretty brown on topI’ll bet bones candor okay you see howBrown the bottom got with anotherand if we measure decent enough the lastbatch will be the last Cup since therewas three cups of batter[Music]I’m excited you look at that one atleast it turns into a waffle didn’t goall the way today just but I reallydon’t ever make Medusa is that surprisedme now I’m gonna get up no I think cutthat apart and see what it tastes likehow can you hear that crunch Kenya ifyou can hear see the inside there is ahushpuppy looking thing to me oh mygoodness yeahI think it’s gonna be too hot but I’mgoing in oh my lordI don’t normally let y’all hear me chewon camera but that’s good it’s not gotthe greasing effect that you love in ahush puppy that goin for it but it’sgood it’s gonna be good the next time Ihave fish if I can’t have my big friedfish I’m gonna have some kind of fuse onmy half days right here with notfinished and I’m gonna make me sometartar sauce a little bit doesn’t wrongway but I think this right here I’mgonna get another bite this is gonna begood with that chiliI can’t believe work y’all there itdon’t taste exactly like my his puppiesfor obvious reasons and my house but youdon’t have flour in them so that takesaway from the cornmeal part of it but Ineeded it for the waffles so I’m callingthis a definite do-over hushpuppywaffles mm-hmm I’m definitely makingthese again I’m gonna tell you I’m gonnastay hereI’m how to take your point here for thisman the one I’m eating with my chili hotokay we goodso gotten have the no greasy crisp iscrisp baked in the waffle iron but it’snot fried crisp but it’s a good enoughflavor too if you want to call it acornbread nothing you could call it thatbut since I use my hush puppy recipe totinker with I’ll call them hush puppywaffles so there you go whoa make outsome hush puppy puffles I’ll be count meat extra points for this and since itmade 12 instead eight or ten I’m leaderthe points are gonna come damn I’mpretty good doctor never eating also thecheese in it may take away from the hushpuppies puppies has published eNOS of itcuz you don’t put cheese in his puppiesand you know cheese has its own flavorso I’m trying to dis the cypher I don’twant you thinking you’re getting thehush baby that you get down at the fishcamp or even let you make it home you’regetting that very close relative onethat is definitelyww friendly and will give you that fixif you need a hush puppy then you needthese waffles okaythe one thing about these they aregetting nice and brown this is our lastCuphuh oh I’m running over my cup runnethoveroh my god that was a dad joke if I everheard one I think that back y’all okay Igot that last one in there we don’t needto hang around for that nowI’ve already eaten one but I am so lowon my points for today I’m gonna have towith my chili so hold on just a secondokay folks how does that grab you twohush puppy waffles a cup of my chilibeans I think I’ll use I did use 93percent beef and I’m thinking is therefour points two tablespoons of lightcream cheese on top I’ll throw up on thescreen how much this is so I’m headedover here to take this laughs off on Iam sitting down to eat this goodnessokay so we just got through eatingsupper and they were a hitwe had decided never in a million yearsfirst of all when we had had a hushpuppy what she’s in it and the secondmillion years we never would had a hushpuppy with Sheila but it worked becauseI thought it’s just another kind ofhombre that’s all deep-fried Cumbrianand we decided what we’re gonna do nextis it’ll make a fish sandwich and thenwe go make us some tartar sauce I put onthat fish sandwich and I think what I’lldo is I’ll make them thinner watch themcloser you know so they don’t burn burnbecame a little crispier you knowthinner so there’s not so much breadwith the sandwiches of course you caneven like that – I mean you know bignice tall sandwich however you want tohave it but that is definitely our planand if you beat me to it let me know ifit’s good okay and I’ll talk to youlateryou

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