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Video Transcription

yeahthey’re not frozenI crushed it up aren’t you that’s goodwatch some TV guys oh god I hope y’allcan understand me sometimes I can’t talk[Music]okay we’re gonna watch The Adventures ofTintin maybe if I can make it alrightjust have to wait make another videosoonso when you set the toaster first whenit gets hotter oneafter side you have to make the wallboots ten minutes okay so right now gotnumbers around this gun loose aroundthis thing the one right here says tenstill out there and you got what thewaffles and so all the waffles okay Ican tell that they’re not done yetum we’ve got you after you done got puton play you can see up on them tenminute again don’t put the whoppers inthe game safe ten minutes by heat upafter time Richard came when he slowlyOregon I wasn’t born yetso I’m forging his own birthdays comingup saying it’s a 28-day and uh I likethis video please subscribe

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