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I made waffles (Baking)

Today I show you guys how to make waffles

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so people today we’re making wafflesknow why I’ve said I’m making wafflescuz we all know that how you doing I’mediting this video right now and likethis video could you read the videotapeso whoa not done paper towel dry ourmixing bowl I’m gonna show you guys howto make waffles yeahso I’m pretty sure I remember the recipefor them this is how I make wafflesevery time there we go we ready boysokay I’m gonna pick you guys up andbring you to the baking area there’snowhere to put my okay there there welldon’t look at my cabinets okay focus onwhat I’m doing hello welcome to my newbaking show okay yay Queens okaymove aside peopleokay we ready hooray Wowyou know eyeball it we have some flourWow WowI washed my hands before this were likeokay we’re gonna have to add a bit moreflour no Joe hi so we’re back the wafflething is ready wait mom I’m gonna showokay we’re going to turn that works yesme pouring awful then we’re gonna do amukbang me eating waffles and I meanthere we go so hi it’s me yeah we knowthat okay anyways guys thank you forwatching good bye and just in case youdidn’t see itthat is what it looks like anyways

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