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hi guys welcome back to my channelwelcome to my kitchenyes thanks to all my subscribers thanksto D hold once time to the new onethank to the one that is a battlesubscribe so guys today I’m going to bemaking waffles I hope you guys are doingto it I hope you guys are doing fine inthis thing in this situation we areright now so yeah I hope everyone isgood just like me if you are not goodyou would be good in Jesus nameso guys what we are going to be doinggoing to make both waffles yeah and thisis the April dance I will be needing I’mgoing to be needed not make and I willbe needed for hex and I will be needingthis a sour cream you can use itnaturally you got thisft waffles sorry guys and that would beneeded so coconut oil I alreadymicrowave it I already met it is hereand I’m going to believe this thoughtthis is her brown sugar we need thebrown sugar and my baking powder I willbelieve it so Mick and then I will beneeding a a purpose flour and so watchme I will believe this about me as wellcook oh yeah and guys this in here I’mnot going to be measuring it I’m justgoing to add bullets just be taking themand be averaging hot me and winter musicis the full one you football’s me youcan use the the flour Haute me the onethat the one that is already blend youcan use that one I can use a new a new anew type of Niko to me it’s okayso that’s what I’m going to be doing I’mgoing to put myI’m going to put some flour here andlike so and I’m going to take somecoconut some oatmeal and then I will beleaving some slots and then I’m going tobelieve in put in a baking powder thisone is one teaspoon baking powder I’mgoing to dip it in might not make aswell it’s nothing just a tiny T so I’mgoing to grate it that’s so so I’m goingto take my whisper I’m going to lose ittogether this is a steelwaffle you can make it into a close-upof us laughs okay guys ties it this isthe one this is the dry ingredientsokay guys now I’m going to Ole Miss myplan that words into themyeah you wet so what application closeand put its likes also dating will notbe dancing so that’s what I will beneeding I’ll be needing some sugar thisis the right implement Tilly tablespoonsugarthis is a brown sugar guys any sweetenerof your choice can use honey can use anysweetener you want to so I’m using thisbrown sugar so I’m going to be puttingmy eggsoh yeahthat’s in this part you can use yourmixing machine but I don’t want to usemixing machine I just want to use myhand tool I just want to you say likethis batteries we have to have some niceimage if you have a mixing machine isjust using religious so now I’m going toput my sour cream you can do without soI show you guys we want to to put mysour cream back so just like twotablespoons I walk you can do without ityou can put natural yogurt out the way[Applause]I just miss it now now I’m going to behaving to make three type of mobileformation anything so more black so Iwill have more when it’s too thick it isto take I’ll add more so I’m going to beputting the dry ingredients I’m going toput it back bunch of a bunch of courseI’m using my hand to miss itif I’m using to say so guys this is themr. is to think I’m going to be havingsome weak poison the problem is thekissteria and so you know we areteaching in the house now we havesufficient so MoniqueI’m going to put my coconut oil you canuse both sir I just want to make it ftwhat I said and I got every one tryingit with a with a fossa anyway[Music]yes guns dies it gasps this is the mistoh it’s here to set for 10 minutes withwhite third frame it yeah see you guysin ten minutesso guys my rifle machine is ready I’mgoing to be rubbing it with this water[Music]we take the mr. this one this spoon likethis put it like sococa 42 so how am I going to know ifit’s coolso 9 is going to be is going when iscook is going to fit tip so any pit thenI would know is cook yeah so we justwait for one the green one is greenlight we go on there you guys it’s alittle bit not to jump in here okayso that the tip is upyou said the green button it’s a dislikejello so that’s it a waffle now justtake it out I put it in my bowl in myplace I’ll make another one like soonso guys this is you to adjustment mycase is going to eat it then they likethey love to eat it with sugar sugar mea lot to eat with just a votre so guysthis me last timeyeah so I just finished it whatõs hereso guys if you liked this video don’tforget to subscribe to my channel anddon’t forget to slap the like buttonguys just love the like button andsubscribe on your way out thank you guyssee you guys in my place going to thetable is going yeah so we are going tobe in training eat sugar with both sideand germs some and some a drop areablueberry chains and something you canenjoy todaywhat is the car with a syrup as well Ineed any sweetener of your choiceok see you guys I’m and what ha

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