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How to make waffles 🧇

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Video Transcription

what is up guys today I’m going to showyou how to make waffles so give me sugarvanilla ice jet salt flour milk bakingsoda a cup as a spoon and a big bowl asa bacon thing either way they makelittle make upoh and then you’re gonna do like 1 cupof butter that’s what you need flour 1/2cup stop and that’s the vanilla extractno it’s just disappearedso sugar next we’re gonna do 2tablespoons of sugar well you’re doing agood job Tyler high five it doesn’t needto wash they kind of look so now we’redoing it with a whisk because thewas too hard to do[Applause]this is what’s going on in heads allsmoothed out this could be about twominutes done so we’re gonna open it updo you like it time come on yeah latebreak later no we’re just gonna take itout with a knife beat down and then wedo it all over againhey it’s debatable bill oh no I forgotto do it just kidding hahasighs – one two three four five fivewaffles so now we just go enjoy eatingthem and today is the end of the video Ihope you enjoyed it my turn like andsubscribeare we out

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