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How to make waffles.🤣🤣🤣

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my Channeltoday I’m showing you guys how to makewaffles and you can see I have tobecause I’m making for two people sofirst you’re gonna take your waffleyou’re gonna put them in the toasterfrom two-and-a-half minute two and ahalf minutes so three minutes somethingaround there and then when they’re doneyou’re gonna you know take your platesof course and then you’re gonna takeyour butter knife see butter knife noreal knife nothing sharp just a butterknife you don’t have to cut it up likeif you don’t want to but I normally cutit up but I haven’t really ate and Iknow this whole days but which I mightshow you guys when I’m on the busgetting dropped offno I might not if you cut them up you’rejust gonna pile them and then put takeyour sitter up you know everybody putsyrup on their pancakes and guys my mainsponsor on my channel is on Sam you’reright so you’re gonna play si any newspace and then you can put and thenyou’re gonna put as AMU space Rai andthen socialists that up and then herprofile pic it’s um if you guys don’tknow who group is he’s this really cutecharacter from guardians of the galaxyyeah one video which I don’t blame hershe’s not really a YouTube postingperson but as you guys know I might bereally like obsessed with YouTubeposting I posted just last night beforeI went to bed saying that new videocoming up in a few days that’s it’sgonna be three days from now with thisother one I’m gonna put the peanutbutter and stuff on top these are mybrothers I don’t really likethe peanut butter with my own pet awfulpump it’s way too hot for two pancakesnot pancakes waffles huh I’m sayingeverything wrong today probably becauseI woke up really early well I woke up ata normal school wake up I’m 7 o’clockuncle it’s at school that you guys mightbe like bro you’re crazy I’m actuallynotsometime on my channel I might do eitherme on dirt bikes or me on a quad orsomething like that video sometime notsometime soon but possibly sometimeprobably do it during like summer breakor something one pancake down withpeanut butter one more to go if there’sanything you guys would suggest me to doin my next video comment comment commentit down below and either this video orany other video I’ll be liking yourcomments and subscribing to people thatsub to me I’ll be liking your guys’scomments and like and I’ll besubscribing to you guys who subscribe tomeoh yeah babyI’m with the peanut butter thing I justhave to do yeah stop those two on top ofeach other like sandwich a yes becausemaking the bottoms of them peanutbutteryso when you take your syrop these onesare for my brother how do I still haveso like I was saying you’re gonna takeyour syrup open it you’re gonna takeyour two waffles stack them on eachother and then drizzle so you’re gonnaget the top one you’re gonna take thatone off you’re gonna pour sorry that Idon’t edit my videos guys I’m not badlike talented I try my best okay goshwaffles are finally those ones are doneso I’m done with you about a knife youcan deliver[Music]and that’s how you make Wow

8 Replies to “How to make waffles.🤣🤣🤣

  1. When you got to the part where you poured the lime juice into the sweetened condensed milk I legit felt my mouth water lol! So easy I think I can do this! Thanks hun!!

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  5. Love key lime pie. Favorite place so far is at Wagoos in Islamorada Florida keys. This is a very cool recipe and looks delicious.

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