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How To Make: Best Belgian Waffles!

Thanks for watching! Hope you can make this fabulous breakfast!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause]hey guys it’s DCW films here today andmy sister is going to show us how tomake the best Belgian waffles there areso let’s just get into it with her firststepsso first we’ll use three tablespoons ofbaking powder four cups of flour oneteaspoon of salt half a cup of sugar 4eggs 1 cup of oil we don’t have anycanola oil right now which is what weusually use so we’ll just use a littlebit of coconut oil and a little bit ofolive oil and that should be fineand then also some milk we don’t haveany cow’s milk in our house we just usealmond milk so that’s what we’ve foundworks fine and then 2 teaspoons ofvanilla we don’t have any vanilla rightnow either so we’re just going to use alittle bit of almond extract and shakethis over[Music][Music][Music][Music]okay so just for a quick recap and herefor the dry ingredients we have bakingpowder and salt and sugar and flour thenon the wet ingredients we have eggs oilmilk and vanilla so we’re gonna add ourlast egg egg I’ve already added threeand two this will be our fourth but forthis recipe you have to separate thewhites from the yolks and to do that Ilike to just crack the eggs somewhere inhalf and let the whites fall out and youkeep the yolk in one of the halves youcan just toss it back and forth betweenthe two draining them each time untilthere’s no more whites left and then youjust pop the yolk so now we will stirthatanother all four very nice photos youwill mix it up real good and if you areusing coconut oil by any chance and thenyou add your cold milk make sure thateither the milk isn’t close or you haveit on a low temperature for a second onthe stove or something because the coldmelt a little hard in your coconut oiland we don’t want that to happen so nowover here to our egg whites it’s justour four eggs white and will peak themokay so it’s looking how to step and itcan make a peak like that that’s what ifyou don’t know move it around and thepeaks stay there you can see you arejust kind of chunky that is our coconutoil that got a little hardened and weshould make sure that was caught howperfectokay so once you have your batter allmixed we had to use a whisk to get itnice and smooth like this I mean it’snot perfect but it looks right as soonas I’m in a bunch of falling rocks soyeah and so make sure that it’s not hotbecause we had it on the stove for asecond there umlet’s fold in the egg white that I’vebeen piqued and after you do this stepyou don’t want to mix any more than youhave to you want to mix very very movingand it will look a little bit chunkycause you don’t this is the fluffinessokay so we got this right the chunkinessis the eggs that we feathered in thosewill provide the airiness fluffiness andso you don’t want to like sit there andsmush those out those are fine with justwhatever nonstick cooking spray you haveand when you spray it on the waffle ironshould it sizzle that’s fine it mattersand another question that people I don’tknow please Belgian waffles do you everput chocolate chips in Belgian wafflesor I think you could put anything youwanted and we just do plain so that wecan make them however you want to and sonotice how you’re kind of putting it inthe middle then blending and monitoringto the four corners rather than yesexactly so put that much so I supposehow much was that this was a half a cupthing and I did two of them but it alldepends on your waffle maker how big itis and no hot the people usually want itum I don’t know sometimes I adjust itbecause we like some of ours crispywe’re weird we like some crispy and somesofter but if you come over here I puttoo much that time I knew that wouldhappenso you don’t want to put too much it’sprobably better to put too littlebecause then they can have room toexpandyes we will have some very large wafflesand we just have it on between three andfour yep tap them and they croak they’rehappy but it’s actually in the middlethereyeah here’s the first batch over herewhich are a tiny tiny bit done a littleperfect and fluffy no you’re awesomeyou just have little pinchers like thisyou just have a pincher and a slipper mybob you can use a fork though whatevermake sure to give your batter a lightlittle turnover before you do it eachtime in case anything settledwe tried it this way this time spreadingthem out a little bit to see if we canget those quarters huh so that was aboutone and a half cups of batter these havebeen in for exactly eight minutes and wemove to the heat down to three andthey’re coming out pretty good now soour Heat’s on through your medium sothis is two and a half cups yes and ahalf 1/2 cups what you that 8 minuteslet’s cut into it and see what it lookslike nice so nice and fluffy look at youinside but they’re not just fluffy it’slike a sponge there’s like spongebobeats every day yeahbut as you can tell it’s perfect lycrispy on the outside and crunchy thoughit’s not it’s just like a good thecrunch on when you bite and it’s perstroke but you can fix these up anyway Ijust put some butter and syrup on itother people will do peanut butter butyou can’t taste the already buttery andgolden flavor of them with other stuffon it big one with some jellies on themthey’re really gonna just syrup we’rejust there everybody’s on their plane sothank you guys for for watching thislittle tutorial of it and mess again theingredients list out there it’severything that we use in blush a littleshake of cinnamon yeah cinnamon we canput more or less but thank you very muchfor watching and have a good day thankGod Belgian waffles

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