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How to make Vegan Protein waffles

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys today it’s all aboutthose protein waffles okay so I love tosnack I got to eat about two every twohours and I mean about 4 to 600 caloriesand each one of those sittings and inbetween that I just drink a lot of waterdrink a lot of fluids so anyway let’sget to these gameslog-cabin that’s what I found thatdoesn’t have milk in it applesauce eggreplacer and collagen plant collagen anda banana overripe banana mix it alltogether put in a blender put it in yourprotein shakermaybe not the banana going to smooththat a little bit more that’s some veganbutter to the waffle maker and voila youget some waffles so you got to perfectthe mix because sometimes it gets gooeyand just got to perfect the mix guys somore plant power to you thanks forlooking at the videos and subscribeshare it smash the like button yeah keepwatching the videos guys I appreciate itcheck these games out guys leaned 185 upfrom 175 and gonna post them when I’mlifting video soon and check it outpeace love real food and eat more plantsgonna be preaching the Gospels of theplants and the animal rights man it’snot rightso stop eating your meat it’s killingyou is killing my planet planets burningour planetoverheating because we’re eatingme okay like us good piece

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