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How to Make French Toast Waffles (Gluten Free Recipe)

OK, it may not be the zombie apocalypse (yet), but these really are awesome gluten free French Toast style waffles that have become a staple in my house since gf frozen waffles are hard to come by in my area these days.

I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy recipes I can make from scratch. But when I didn’t find what I was looking for, I was forced to make it myself! There are multiple food tolerances and allergies in my family, so learning to cook creatively has been a necessity. I also try to make at least semi-healthy choices whenever possible, plus as a working mom recipes need to be quick and easy – this checks all the boxes!

If you don’t have time to watch the video it’s two egg whites, one egg yolk, tablespoon of mashed bananas, about 3 tablespoons of ground flax, tsp of vanilla, & cinnamon to taste – viola!

You can top them like you would any other waffle or French toast – syrup, fruit, whipped cream, powdered sugar, whatever – I like mine dipped in syrup with a couple tangerines on the side.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]are you gluten-free in the zombieapocalypse what to eat no worries I’mgonna help you make deliciousgluten-free french toast waffles eatinggluten-free can sometimes be challengingunder the best circumstances butcurrently with the pandemic andsheltering at home and food stores goinga little bit crazy right now it can beeven more challenging but never fear Ihave got an awesome recipe to make somegluten-free french toast waffles rightat home simple ingredients we have eggsare the most important vanilla a littlebanana if you have it it’s not necessarycinnamon for flavor and flax to give ita little bit more substance and I alsohave my dash waffle maker I picked upoff of Amazon so first thing we’re gonnado get your eggs in there I made it withwhole eggs initially but I found that itmakes it a little eggy it tastes veryeggy so going for one egg white and onewhole egg will help give you the thegoodness of the eggs without as much ofthe flavor of the eggs makes it a littlebit lighterflax will give it some grit so I usuallyuse about one and a half scoops of thatvanilla course if you’re gluten free getthe gluten-free vanilla or intolerantnot celiac so I’m not sure if this is ornot but we’re okay with itabout a teaspoon of vanilla I’d saybanana you could mash your bananas ifyou have some of those mine usually gobad so I try and keep some baby foodbanana on hand as a substitute for oilI’d say probably about a tablespoon ofthose and here’s the magic part cinnamonthis is really what helps make it I hadput chocolate chips in and it was grossand then I figured out eggs andchocolate chips don’t really go togethertoo wellbut then I started thinking about frenchtoast right and french toast is yourbread dipped in egg with usually somecinnamon and sugar and voila addedcinnamon boomonly didn’t make awesome pancakes itmade like french toast style pancakeswhich is you know who win-win so I’mgonna whip this right up pour it in thedash and we’ll see what we getuse a little bit of cooking spray in thewaffle maker we’re gonna pour it in tomake sure it doesn’t stick to the sidesI am using a spatula it’s kind of thickpour it in there spread it around thisshould make two waffles of this sizeinto the waffle maker for five minutesbecause I have a tendency to overfilllike that I’m not very good atestimating my mouth I usually will putthis little guy on a plate so less messto clean up on the counter if you’relike me and bad at filling it’s themoment of truth let’s see what we’ve gotah it is fluffy up a little bit ofspringy I definitely think that thesyrup helps it taste more like a normalwaffle plus who doesn’t love syrup hmmtexture is really important for me maybeeven more than flavor sometimes so Ihave to say I love the texture of thesethey are really close to waffles whichis important and they’re filling andthere’s flax which of course get theomega-3 fat ease good stuff hmm someother choices you could do a little lookat the almond ready-whip here if youwant to give it a little bit morecinnamon flavor you could do the littlecinnamon sugar if you’re lucky enough tohave fresh fruit knock yourself out withsome fresh fruit in there alright andthat’s it simple quick tasty deliciousnot terrible for you well until you getto the whole syrup thing but I lovesyrup I’m gonna have it with some littleoranges get that vitamin C in and thisbit Anastasia unstuck in the middlegetting you unstuck from ordinary frozenwafflesdefinitely try this you’re totally gonnathank me[Music]

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