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Video Transcription

hey guys today we’re going to be makingsome cinnamon roll wafflesum so start out by adding 3 4a cup of brown sugar intoa medium sized bowlthen you’re going to want to add aboutone tablespoon ofcinnamon[Music]now you’re just going to want to mixthat up umuntil the brown sugar and cinnamon arereally combined[Music]so i have um some pre-made dough righthere so i’m just gonnaopen that um it’s by pillsburyit’s just a dough sheet so it took me alittle minute toopen it um but i justrolled that out onto a cutting boardyou could use um your countertop justflower itbut i just like to use my cutting boardto just unroll it[Music]now this does make a lot so if you don’twant that that much i would just cutthis in half and refrigerate the otheruh a half so now you’re going to want toadd four tablespoonsof butter to a microwave safe bowl andmelt that up[Music]so here’s my melted butter um so now i’mjust gonna take alittle brush and just brush it ontomy doughso just really nicely coat my dough inthat melted butter[Music]ah[Music]now you’re just going to want tosprinkle your brown sugar and cinnamonall over that buttered doughjust coat it evenlyall right so if anyone’s ever madepinwheel cookies before i’ll have avideo on thatsoon ish so just roll it up just likeyou would thatso it kind of almost has a spiral minewere definitelynot perfect at all so don’t really worrybecause it’s just gonna get smooshed bywaffle makeranyway so yeah then i just went aheadand rubbedsome melted butter onto the creaseof the dough sothen i just sliced it uminto little mini cinnamon rollsnow these definitely were not perfect sothese are yours that weren’t perfectthat’s okay um becausein reality it’s just going to be smushedby the waffle maker so it doesn’t matterhow they look[Music]then you’re going to want uh to preheatyour waffle iron and spray that withsome cooking sprayand just toss that little cinnamon rollin there and try to smush it all the waydown i had to use an oven mixit was really hot be careful with thesei actually didn’t get a bad burnso yeah be careful umso just smush it down as smooth aspossible[Music]and then just wait for it to cooknow this was a bit messy the molassesfrom the brown sugar startedmelting off into my waffle iron it was abit of a messy cleanup but i mean it wassuper delicious[Music]so i just used a knife to kind of tap itto make sure it was done[Music]um[Music][Music]uh[Music]all right here’s my finished producti’ll make sure to like subscribe fora part two to make the glazing for theseum thanks so much for watchinglike and subscribe

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