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How to make BOMB vegan waffles + chocolate spread (no bananas + nuts)♡

Hello fish-baits♡,

So today’s video is going to be me showing you how i make these bomb ass vegan waffles with a touch of vegan chocolate spread woo. this recipe is super cheap and wont cost a penny ! 🙂 . hope you guys enjoy 😉 and stay cute♡

Vegan chocolate spread recipe:

1/4 cup of water
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
1 teaspoon on vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1 tbs of cocoa powder
1/3 of dark chocolate chips
2 tbs of vegan butter

Vegan waffles recipe :
(serves 4)

1 1/2 cup of flour
1 tsp of salt
1/2 tsp of baking powder
1 tbs of sugar
3 tbs of vegetable oil
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract
1 3/4 of almond milk
cinnamon(optional, add as much as you like 🙂

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to my channel soin today’s video i’m going to be showingyou how to makewaffles and this chocolate spreadso i’m going to make the chocolatespread first so what you’re going toneedis one tablespoon of cocoa powderone fourth cup of water half a cup ofsugar and one third a cup of chocolatechipsand two tablespoons of butterso what we’re going to do first is we’regoing to pour the water intothe potand then we’re going to put thegranulated sugar into therei’ll put all the measurements down inthe description and all theingredients and then you’re gonna put inone tablespoon of cocoa powder so i’lldo that nowwe’re going to let this sizzle on thepot and then we’re going to add somevanilla extractwe’re only going to add in one teaspoonagain i said i’ll put the measurementsdown in the description so that you knowand i’ll show you what it will look likeafterwards it’s sizzling and stuff likethisthis is like the basic ingredients forthe syrupokay so you want to keep the heater onmedium heatso just use a smaller smaller cookingthing for it and then i’m going to addin the vanilla extract i’m just going toeyeball thisas you can see it is now sizzlingso you wanna just turn on it before itoverflows into a volcano okayso now we’re gonna add in the chocolatefries[Music]oh so not the chocolate sprouts thechocolate chips and then the twotablespoons of butter so i’m just usinga normal tablespoon to do thisyeah now you just want to mix thisaroundand melt it out if it doesn’tmelt out completely you can just umput the heat back on a little bit butnot too muchi also added a bit of salt and salt intothisbut um yeah only a little bit not thatmuchokay so now you’re going to pour it intothe mason jari usually put this into the fridge andlet it sit there for like a couple ofhours you can putlike i can feel over it and just let itseti’m gonna put it in for a couple ofhours and use it for my waffles so[Music]so the waffles that i’m going to makenow these waffles are going to taste sobomb because whenever i go on youtubeand i’m like following a recipe forwafflesi don’t think they come out as great asi want them to come out but with thisrecipeoh my gosh they’re going to taste silveri’m like i made this in my family andthey’re just likeoh my gosh it tastes so good like thisfarm af likegirl you need to try this recipe outanyway let me go into what we need to doso i’ll add the measurements and theingredients in the description becausei don’t want to take up your timeexplaining it but yesum so we’re going to add the flour inand you’re going to obviously need asieveyou’re just going to need like a knifeand a spoon like this and then ateaspooni’m not gonna let you have any expensiveingredients likeso i’m just gonna do the one cup and ahalf of flour into thisand i’ll be right back you’re going toadd your one teaspoon of salthalf a teaspoon of baking powder onetablespoon of sugarthree tablespoons of vegetable oilokay three of thesea bit of vanilla extractjust eyeball it one cup of almond milkand three fourths so i’m gonna haveunder this uhthree fourth of a cup to add into this[Applause]okay and then you wanna mix it aroundyou also want to add as much cinnamon asyou wantit gives it that really nice flavorso what you want to do is you want tospread some of the vegan butterand around here so that the wafflesdon’t stick to the panyou just want to spread it everywhereeven up hereyes girl then you want to add themixture ini think i add about uh twolike like um what do you call these likefours of these liketwo cups of these out there and thenyou can pass this and press it downthis will make about four servingsso for waffles umand yeah i leave it in for about well ifyou want it to be likesoft and like a bit more likenice and bouncy then you can leave infor aboutthree to five minutes but you want it tobe if you want it to be crispythen you can leave it in for about up tosix to ten minutesbut you it depends just just keepchecking on it to see how crispy youwant it orhow cooked you want it so that’s kind oflike up to you but i would say aboutfive minutes is like maximumbut three to five minutes i would saybut yeah so i’ll be back when i finishmaking all of themso these are the waffles and theyliterally taste so bombit’s gonna taste so good and it looksreally nice to eat and looks deliciousedible just great so guys i hope youenjoyed this tutoriali hope you are going to love thesewaffles and they’re going to taste greatand make your dayso yeah so remember to subscribe to mychannel like and comment down belowand i’ll see you again in my next videobye[Music]

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