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How to Make Belgian Overnight Waffles | Better Homes & Gardens | #StayatHome #WithMe

See how to add a little sweetness and Belgian inspiration to these overnight waffles that have the ultimate fluffy texture thanks to the addition of yeast.

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Video Transcription

hi all I’m Sheena Chuck senior foodeditor with bhg.com last fall when wecould still travel my husband and I wentto Belgium for the first time if youdidn’t knowBelgium is very well-known for wafflesand first such good reason everyone wehad there was so delicious and sincewe’ve been back I’ve been trying torecreate what they called the Liegewaffle in Belgium I’m gonna give it atry today but some overnight wafflesfrom bhg.com as with every recipe everwe’re starting with mise in class whichis French for something like everythingin its placebut I’ve got all my ingredients laid outhere starting with my flour and then Iwill add my sugar my yeast make sureit’s not expired it’s not gonna work ifit’s expired some vanilla and some salt[Music]so I’ll give those ingredients a mix tothat I’m going to add my milk[Music]eggs[Music]and melted butter[Music]now this mixture is going to be beatenwith an electric mixer just until it’sall combined[Music]now here’s where the overnight part ofthis comes into play I’m going to coverthis loosely[Music]covered loosely with plastic wrap thisis where the overnight part of it comesinto play now I have to chill itovernight until the morning when I’mready to bake our wait is nearly overI’ve got my dough out of the fridge andhere’s where I’m going to test outadding some Belgian elements to thewaffle I’m adding some pearl sugar tothe dough it gives it that caramel IIsugary sweetness without having to addany toppings at all so here goesall right let’s get that sugar added[Music]you can see the dough’s gotten a littlebit puffier thanks to the yeast that’sin there as it was chilling overnightwe’re just gonna add the sugar[Music]give it a stirand my waffle iron is preheated so heregoes nothing let’s see how it goes[Music]okay minimum cooking time is just passall right that was not look too shabby Ican get out without destroying it[Music]trying not to use a metal fork becausethey say not to do that for fear ofruining the waffle iron but they’re alot harder to get out this way[Music]I’ll finish baking the rest of those upyou get the idea but you guys thetexture and that little bit of sweetnessin here I don’t know why I haven’t beendoing this longer these are delicious[Music]

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