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How to make banana Waffles

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Video Transcription

how are you guys welcome back to mychannel this is Jax journey and I’m backagain with another video before I getinto this video and you guys I’m gonnatry to give this video a thumbs up don’tforget to share and also don’t forget tosubscribe subscribe so you would load myvideos but first you guys I want to sayto young I have another channel whichwill be in the description box it’scause J’s kitchenJane apostrophe s kitchen capsulizeTakeioh go right over there to the chatbecause I’m gonna start cooking overthere but I’m gonna upload this videohere and you will also see it over theretoo so y’all go over there and look atthe video and subscribe to that channelbecause I’m gonna start doing all mycooking over there on that channel butI’m gonna go ahead and do this one hereon this channel so with that being saidyou guys I’m gonna go ahead and getstarted today we’re gonna be cookingsome bad banana pancakes and today Ihave this right here i have my ain’tyour mama butter milk pancakes mix nowyou can do your own mixture through theflowers and all of that with theabstract and all that other stuff but todo it the quick way I’m gonna show youall how to do it the quick way oh yeahall you need is this right here you needa can of buttery flavor cooking spraythis is the make sure you can hear andsense waffle cone on there and I gotsome organic bananas you’re gonna needsome extract but I got the banana flavorand you’re gonna need a bottle of waterso we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonnaget started and the first thing we’regonna do right nowif I’m gonna go ahead and cut my bananasand I’m gonna be using two bananas inthis just only two if I if I need morebananas being you know I use it but tothe end I’m just gonna only use them sowe’re gonna peel the banana oh god Ineed a knifeI forgot my knife yeah I knew it wassomething I forgot but it don’t mattercuz I’m just what I’m gonna be I’m justgonna do it like this right here with myhand for string and then I’m gonna peelthis one and we’re just gonna stick itin the bow okay everybody makes theirbenign their banana pancakes bananadifferent and I’m gonna be making mydifferent also so I have to bear weightso what we’re gonna do here we’re justgonna mash this down like this mash itdown y’all probably hearing in thebackground this is my dog y’all so ifyou see I’m he over there playing withhis toys he’s a little spoiler baby soy’all have to excuse him he just gotthrough eating so now he playing with alittle budget over there so hopefully hedon’t get the bark and why are we doingthis but you just keep on doing thislike this until you know you mix it allthe way up like this until you get likelike you get like you know beginning areally good mix up to itjust keep doing this right here makesure it’s yeah then what we’re gonna beusing about I’m gonna measure about tocook I know how to measure 2 cups byjust seeing it with my eyes and that’show we’re gonna do is just two cups ofpancake with your shout okay and I’mgonna go ahead and turn it on which isalready um but I’m gonna turn it up justa little bit on three and you see how Iwanted this let off like this that’swhat I did you got to make sure alsogonna be blending in there too but Iwant to make sure I get the lumps out ofit before our Landy into the paint Amybut this is the easiest way y’all Icould have did it the old way and did itjust scratch but the easiest way to dookay now we through with that now we’regonna get this bone i’ma let you seewe’re gonna open shithead it’s alreadyopen already okay you guys I’m gonnajust eyeball it okay too closeokay that’s about to sucks right thereso what we’re gonna do next I’m goingthere yeah okay so what we’re gonna donext I’m gonna go here to put this inhere all you need on this right here isone teaspoon all you need it’s bananaand I’m just gonna eyeball it okay gameon the floor look at some water I’mgonna do one and a half cups okay youguys one and a half cups then we’regonna go ahead and pull up and now tomix in herea banana me put all this into one okayall right now go ahead and start mixingit okay and golet me show you show y’all a tree thisis what I learned and again it might notwork but in order for the dome not tocome back out and get everywhere andsplatter this is what I do I just mix itlike this[Applause][Music]solightlyfrom a water minute[Applause][Applause][Music][Applause][Applause]but I like the diseaseI like the consistency of you alreadynow so I’m gonna keep out thereand you want to get all the works out ofyour payso for the lordís yesone of those I was living everybody knowabout my new pageyou wanna go right ontheir own almighty sisterI will not be posting no more[Music]so you may want to go we don’t nobodysubscribe to itno other events unsuspected ivyI’m gonna be going outside okay[Applause]so just go right on overokay you guys with that we’re done withthat just gonna get this out the wayokay this is where we all put ourpancake in you guys I’m gonna moveeverything else after okay and we’regonna go ahead and spray our pan gonnado the top and I bet you guys wonderingwhy would I use the already meatsbecause yeah this is the easiest this isright here it’s the easiest way youcan’t do it with the flour and do ityour own mix but this just a quickeasiest way and this is the easy waythat I make my stuff okay so y’all whatwe gonna do is we’re gonna grab a justlike that full and we’re gonna do itlike this it may take two about likethat right therein the end what we’re gonna do I’m gonnaget just at a little more on there sowhat does I do we’re gonna close it likethat and we’re gonna wait for it to getdone and while we’re waiting you guys itmight be overflowing over there but it’sokay you guys cuz it’s overflowing overhere but it’s gonna be okay when itcooks I’m just gonna do is cook and Itake it out it’s gonna be a big waffley’all but with that being said you guysthank everybody for joining my China wewill I am gonna fix it to do a tastetest so we’re just gonna cook this pointand I’m gonna go ahead and do it take ataste test on this one and when I getthrough doing my taste test on this onethen I’m gonna go ahead and finish upcooking the rest of them and then we gogolfingOh y’all and y’all can just smell thebananas it smells so good so good thisis a big walk for y’all you might onlyneed to put one spoonful right herethere’s only one spoon food cuz I puttwo and it’s overflowing but y’all y’allcould smell the banana flavor it smellsso goodand I’m gonna go ahead and let her getthe uh let her get the the syrup cuz wejust do a test try and wash this out tooit’s Forkso y’all guys just hold on for onesecond we’re gonna go ahead and do thetaste tasting in just a second yeah Ican see all that steam y’all this smellsso good oh you can still smell thebanana the fresh banana they’re faintand then I need a knifeokay you guys she’s trying to geteverything situated for me and yeah thisis easy to make so the key is whenyou’re doing want to do quick things Iknow you can do it the other way this isjust a quick name for when you want todo it for your children and the kidsit’s really quicker what are you lookingfor here’s how this okay you guys holdup for one second I’m just gonna put itwith my own thing just hold it rightthere hold on okay you guysall right you guys so I’m gonna takethis out make sure it’s done in it isokay I’m a good around hereand get the eggs then all the exitsoutliving okay you guys I want try totake a look at my pancake this is thefinished product this is the banana sowhat we’re gonna do you guys we’re gonnado a taste test okay y’all know me Idon’t eat sweet like this but I’m gonnago ahead and taste it for you guys okayand then when I get through chasingthey’re gonna put another in there andthen the video gonna beat we’re gonnaget through with this video we’re gonnawrap it up okay you guys so we’re gonnago ahead and cut up into these tastingthis you see look how loose it was sogood and he’s high okay you guys here wego[Music]yeah it’s so delicious mmm oh my god sogood so what we’re gonna do now I’mgonna do one more for you remember dojust only do one cuz I did too any othercell just a little bit oh oh my god ittastes just like ice cream your side youhave to do it y’all look right there andwe’re gonna close it down with thatbeing said you guys that’s all for todaythank you so much for joining and againI’m gonna go here they’re gonna eat thiseither because I don’t supposed to eatthis much this was too sweet but made itso delicious mmm is so good and my dogwas over here barking – next time

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