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How to make banana waffles

How to make delicious banana waffles that you should really try

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey guys welcome back to my channeltoday I’m making banana cinnamon wafflesso first I’m going to be telling you mygrades first we need bananas measuringcups cooking spray syrup cinnamon andpancake mix and three cups of water andthe mixing sink and don’t forget yourwaffle maker and now we are going to bepeeling little amines now we’re going tobe putting it in the bowl and smashingit first let me peel the other onethere’s now smash it when your dad’smashing it should look like this next weare going to be putting three cups ofthe pancake batter[Music]even an ugly wall there we are going tonext we were going to be needing oneteaspoon of cinnamon so that’s onethat’ll do there and next we are goingto be needing the three cups of ourwater bear and now we’re going to bemixing well guys what I forgot to tellyou um it’s actually four cups ofpancake mix so whole exactly here afteryou mix the fourth cup it it should looklike this next we are going to beopening this thing up and then we’regoing to put spring on the cooking spraynext you’re going to be doing thisnow you’re gonna close it and make sureto put it on the middle so it cookscorrectly and when the the green thingturns like light that’s when it’s readyokay don’t worryif it spills because that happenedsometimes and this is how it should lookone it’s ready nice and delicious andjust cut off the extra stuff next justput a little bit of syrup and put yourwife on the plate and now you get a goahead and try your delicious waffle nowlet’s give it a try just to let you knowthat me was really really really goodwell I guess this is the end of thevideo bye[Music]

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