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How to cook waffles 2 (super epic grandma secret)


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Video Transcription

alright guys so welcome to how to cookwaffles part 2 you guys seen my recentingredients but here is my epicallyamazing grandma’s granny secretingredients don’t do all right all right[Music]last time we had a very good very verygood waffle and it tasted really goodyou knowit tasted like like plastic and which islike the best days ever so what we’regonna do is so you got the waffles butyou know what since we’re gonna do theepic epic epic ingredients alright sothis is what you’re gonna do Oh ovenperfect and then you’re gonna preheatthis okay that number you have therethat’s what you gonna put all right howdo you start this is it this okay nothat’s for cooking all right now I’vegot that these waffles are uselessnow we’ve waited 20 minutes now it’stime for the epic results three time toeat

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