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Homemade Waffles

3 cups Flour
4 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sugar
2/3 cup Melted Butter
4 Eggs
2 cups Milk

Mix together and then pour onto BLACK DECKER Belgian Waffle Maker

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Video Transcription

good morning and welcome to cooking withKerry today I’m going to teach you howto make my favorite waffle recipe it’sreally easy to make a simple to do andwe love it so I love my Belgian wafflemaker just a black & decker versionnothing really fancy but Black & Deckeris an awesome brand way to start outwhat we’re going to do is have threecups of flour which I’ve already put inthe bowls the next thing you’re going toadd is baking powder we’re gonna put in4 teaspoon one two three four I’m justmaking sure that they’re roughly levelas I pull them out okay one teaspoon ofbaking or salt then you’re gonna put intwo teaspoons of sugar my grandma gaveme these so when I moved out and I stilluse those and then you’re going to add2/3 cup of melted butter actually firstof all mix those just in together latelylike that okay then you add in you 2/3cup melted buttertwo cups of milk and some waffle recipesask you to put them in a certain orderthis one is really low-key so I just putthe dry ingredients in first and thenadd my wet and last of all our is foureggs again always remember to crack youreggs in a separate container okay sothey’re all mixed in like that nextwe’re going to do is just mix it all upmake sure that those egg yolks broken upin there if you really wanted to youcould mix them a little bit beforehandbut that is not necessary and when it’searly in the morning and I want to getwaffles on the table this recipe it’salmost as quick as getting okay so therewe goI’ll put together like so so now I’mgoing to take my scoop pour that rightin the centernice trying to do a little bit underbecause I hate to have it spill up andoverdown she goes okay so one other thingthat’s a little bit unique about ourhouse when it comes to waffles is I grewup on Maple Lane I don’t know ifeveryone else was that you think withCanadians that they would use maplesyrup but I grew up using this you canonly do in the Statesso when I run down to the States for aquick trip this is what I always use soreally simple you take 1 cup of water to2 cups of sugar and then you add yourmake the lean and the recipe is actuallyon the outside the container that’s inthere sir you can evade it all you wantif you like but that’s what I grew up soI love thatok so we’re just waiting for our wafflesto be cooked and then you get to see thegolden deliciousness afterwards okay thelight is just turned off and her waffleis golden to perfection look at that andthere you have waffles a great thing todo along with your waffles our eggs andbacon sausageshash browns you choose you can make abreakfast it’s fancier simple as youwant my kids love these also the nextday we put pop them in the toaster andthey taste just as great the next day soenjoy your waffles

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