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HoloLens2 supports making waffles

HoloLens 2 device can make you the masterchef of your kitchen. This video shows how Mixed Reality device HoloLens 2 was used while making waffles. You can watch your favourite recipes while same time taking care of the waffle iron. Boost your cooking and extend your kitchen reality! We would like to thank Digiteknologian TKI-ympäristö project A74338 (ERDF, Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo) for providing the device for this video.

Subtitles (translation from Finnish to English)
“Ok, today we make waffles with HoloLens 2 on my head. Let’s whisk the dough a little bit. Let’s look at waffles how do they look. This is quite handy. You can look recibes while making waffles. Technology helps in cooking.”

Original of the video here

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