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Heart Shaped Pancakes, Blins and Waffles

Heart shaped pancakes – blins – waffles, also known as:
Вафли (vafli) in Belarus and Russia
Čirviniai blynai in Lithuania
Serdecznie wafle in Polish
Sirds vaflis in Latvian
are the most important meal of an early spring celebration that happens roughly 7 weeks before Easter and is called:
Мaсленица (Maslenitsa) (rus.)
Užgavėnės (lit.)
Meteņi (lat.)
Tłusty Czwartek (pol.)

Also, you can use this recipe to make just some regular waffles.

Ingredients (double the amount):
Eggs, 6pcs.
Butter 200g
Sugar 144g (8 tablespoons)
Sourcream 160g (4 tablespoons)
Milk 300ml
Baking powder 10g (3 teaspoons)
Salt 1g (2 pinches)
Wheat flour 400g
Vanilla extract or vanilla sugar to taste

1. Mix everything apart from egg whites.
2. Pound egg whites as best as you can.
3. Carefully mix whites into the batter.
4. Cook.
5. Send picture or video to all of your friends, so they become jealous!

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