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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone today this is mew mewcooking what i’m teaching you to do isthe waffle it’s an easy way to make awaffleokay i show you the ingredients that’swhat i used and what they’re going to dois very easy is one cup of mix herethat’s what i get it on the from the boxfrom the package and then a 1 cup ofwater and what you’re going to do is youput it put it into the container okayand then put the water on that okay putthe water okay I was asked you to do itlater don’t put everything in that oneall the water in it okay maybe put halfof it and then mix it like this mix itmix it it is so easy it is so easy andthen we put another oneand then are we going to mix it untilyou okay just take a little time to yourtime you’re gonna sing a sing a song andit’s already ready okay first of allweepy keep you hit the waffle machineopen it and we’re going to do it if youhave those sprays oil and you can askyour parents to help you out or asiagosotherwise if you can like me okay use apaper towel put some oil on it and justlike wait likeandand come out with lipstick onnowoh I mix it see it’s his missusperfect perfect wave is perfectI agree they like this mission and whynow we’re going to cook waffle now whatare we going to do is we peel here thisalready be careful okay don’t don’ttouch it this is hot okayKip please ask your parents to help youout when you need to touch those andturn on that turn on the machine andwhat we going to do is just put whatokay like make sure you don’t put toomuch in it because otherwise it was biteverywhere and for the first one whatwhat we’re going to do is I would askyou to put a little bit okay a littlebit on it[Music]testingwhat you’re going to do herethey make a smaller one just make asmaller one like this and then cover itand what you do is you need to lock itlike this and then I turn on it a littlebit higher I would say turn it to thisseven just to the seven and then we canwait wait you can see the red light thered light you mean that like it is hotand this cookieever since we is good[Music]just like itand the halfway what you’re going to dois you have to turn that night like thisand we’re gonna make sure both sidescook insidewaitwhat depends on your machine my machinetool is it o is take about five minutesif your machine is you know like thatthe highly efficient maybe users takelike treatment okay and every would beafter that look at it look at it is sopretty okay and then when you check itouthere’s Oscar parents to help you outit’s pass the otherbecause it is really hot[Music]come out yourselflikeWow look at it then well right now youcan’t eat it and then you can put themaple syrup you can put the ice creamtoday I want to decorate itokay you want to decorate that peopleyou want to give it to your parentsright sonI have a strawberry here and today Ihave a something special and I want toput I want to put the ice cream on okayjust give me one minute look Ellis is sopretty now you can enjoy it with yourparentshave a good day

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