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Cook’s Companion® 650W 2-in-1 Nonstick Waffle Maker or Grill w/ Removable Plates | The Sizzle | …

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Cook’s Companion® 650W 2-in-1 Nonstick Waffle Maker or Grill w/ Removable Plates | The Sizzle | ShopHQ | 2020

Add some variety to breakfast time with this handy waffle maker from Cook’s Companion! This compact waffle maker features aluminum nonstick waffle pans for perfectly sized waffles. If you’re not in the mood for breakfast just use the grill pans to cook up your favorite meat, fish, or other foods! The cool touch housing allows you to handle the unit confidently and skid-resistant feet offer stability.

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Video Transcription

this is the final quantities when theseare gone they are gone let’s time it’stime to whip up some Mother’s Day brunchwith a supercharged eel it’s only twentydollars guys I have this I use it almostevery day I used it yesterdaymy wife got when I say I used it my wifeused it yesterday she made a chickenbreast just she just wanted to chickenbreast on a salad she’d have to take outany pots or pans and she used this tomake it we’ll show you what that doesbut first and foremost what is thisHelen it’s a waffle maker I think whatwe are trulia falling in love with andwe have sold thousands and thousands ofthese as you’re gonna see it’s a wafflemaker but it’s also it’s a mini grillthis is this wonderful 650 watt littlepowerhouse oven if you like you neverhave to pull the pans out you never haveto heat up there’s loud waffle irons onwhat is fantastic with this wonderfulthing where now nothing says love in themorning when you’re sitting down youmoms out there what we love to do isspoil our family spoil our kiddos or yougrand moms out there and why we lovethis one I’m gonna pull this out look atthe beautiful perfect and pull this outgigantic it’s coming out in all itswonderful glory but what is absolutelyabsolutely super to them is the nonstickso if you’ve ever thought about whatwould it be like to make a waffle everymorning or what would it be like to havemy kids make their own waffles now withyour only the waffle maker the size itfits literally in a drawer if you wantto you can have all sorts of fun andhave perfect waffles every single timehere is what you get thank you so muchthat is and by the way I use this allthe time some of the best waffles I’veever had we’ve sold over 7000 of thesewe do have four colors to choose from ifyou want the black right here and it’sjust got a little latch on the front andyou open up you can see all the greatsin there we’ve got the blue we’ve gotthe red we’ve got the purple on thispurple one I’m goingto show you something that’s reallysimple in this what makes this ingeniousright so I’m going to it comes with thewaffle plates but it also comes with asandwich plate and I can just pop theseoutI’d use dishwasher they recommended handwashing these and honestly they’renonstick so it’s just a rinse off but ifyou like you can see there is a heatingelement in the top and I’ll remove thebottom one to show you there’s a heatingelement in the bottom and of coursewe’ve not claimed this one seventhousand of these have been sold here itis a customer choice we have 32five-star reviews if you check those outgo to shop HQ comm you can check underitem number four seven six two one nineit’s The Cook’s companion 600 watt 2 andone nonstick waffle maker and grill withremovable plates like it the extraplates now you can get even more platesfor this you can get plates that makedonuts you can make ones that makepancakes and ones that make sandwichesand what have you done here how aboutmaking cakes how about making brownieshow about making your own made biscuitswith your biscuit mix is that red velvetred well we is waffle sheet but imaginethat yeah so we can call it a red velvetwalk with just your basic cake mix butimagine now just eating up the waffleiron pouring in your batter remember younever want to fill it above above thepeaks that’s what we’re gonna call itright there but now how about on the daylike today for you you’re spoiling themums in your life with with red-velvetwaffle cakes and the fun of these thingsis it so simple and that’s why we lovecook’s companion over a million and ahalf Easter Soul cooks companion yourshop HQ is very own line and it’s one ofthe top customer rated brands on thenetwork and why because we work directlywith the engineers directly with themanufacturers and produce thesewonderful little innovative ingeniousideas that make your life so much easierand as Flair dives into the red velvetokay but the lovely wonderful thingabout this is mobility it’s lightweightit’s super easy to use and Blair showedyou so now we’ve got in here so now thisis the waffle plate and you’ve got thatwonderful nonstick but then if we stepover here now let’s go and play aroundwith the grill plate so it comes withtwo grill it comes with the two platesnow now is the grill plate so here’s areally fun one what if I told you younever had to turn get your fry pan outwhat if I tell you for breakfast you canmake you waffles swap out the plates andnow make a Paula Deen chicken sausagecoming up I never saw such a thing ohyou know what blood this is bad jokesMother’s Day on kale put the dad jokesaside you see those plates that are inthere that comes with it yeah that comeswith it so this is item number four nineone five four four the sausages by theway if you want to pick those up andthose are chicken sausages they’redelicious actually I’m looking forwardto trying this with fresh fennel see nowthe item number on the cooks companiontwo-in-one nonstick waffle maker withgrill and removable plates is four sevensix two one nine yeah you’re seeing awaffle maker for $19 and eighty-eightcents it’s amazing it’s incredible valueI own this I’ve owned this since alittle bit before Christmasalong with 7,000 other people and if youown this we would love to talk to you onair give us a call at that 800 numberlook at all the reviews that have comein for this great design I use thewaffle maker to make waffles every daypretty cool grill I grill with it greatlittle appliance purchased in purple andlove it it’s a great Buy I only cook formyself so if you have a small familyonly cook for yourself if you’re pickyeaters like my children they can’t eatthe same thing right they have to eatdifferent things so I can cook a wafflefor one and then I can cook a hamburgerin this yes I’ve done hamburgers in thisI’ve done chicken breasts and probablythe thing I use most of this is gonna becoming up in just a moment wait a secwhat do you got heremaking little hash brown patties forgiant patties and because of thisperfect size grill plate you can let youjust get get those frozen potatoes or wemix it up with a little egg and littleflour just mix it up and just pack itinto the grill plate and look at thebeautiful browning that we’ve got onthere and think about this you do nothave to be a chef extraordinaire to makethese items you can buy the frozen kindof premade potatoes or you can you knowgrate your own but this wonderful littlegrill plate means you can do as they’retalked about you can do your grilledchicken you could even put in in alittle salmon fillet if you like it’sendless what you can do but theversatility of just remember it’slightweight it’s super easy to use it’ssix hundred and fifty watts power soyou’re not lacking in any power but forless than 20 bucks never having to turnon your oven your stove um especiallywhen the kid I was like what I helped inthe kitchen this is such a great way tohelp and you know this reminds me of youknow that that famous athlete who hadhis grill out there like an improvedmini version of that it’s in the draweryou can even take camping this will befantastic for RV if you wanted to makewaffles on the go and you know when weuse little items like this we can reallyexperiment and have fun in the kitchenand that’s why I love Chris companionand the hoe if you’re out there any ofour cooks coming pan ioan fans give us acall we’d love to hear from you becauseit’s made such and so many ingeniousitems go ahead yeah here are the colorsthat come with it it comes in eitherpurple black blue or red everybody thered is the most popular so far thismorning this red but we are the mostlimited in the blue that may be thefirst one to go and this is a nice kindof a cobalt blue there’s one other thingthat you might not notice about this thecord wraps up into a nice little cordkeeper right here so when I put this onnow I don’t keep it out on my counter Iput it away in a cabinet but it’s alsoit’s what about the size of uh I don’tknow how big is this is just tiny reallyin comparison but it’s so big that youuse it anywhere and the thing that I useit the most for is cooking not wafflesbut miss Helen I think you’ve gotsomething oh you’re gonna reveal awaffle here no go ahead so I want totalk about a little about how to use itoh yes so what’s great about this is nothermometer you have to deal with withno dials so on the top so literally justturned on so this is telling me the redlight telling me that it’s on and thenthis light is telling me it’s heated sowhen when you first turn it on you’llhave the green light on as well butbecause I’ve made a waffle so it’s assimple as turn waiting for the lights tocome on waiting for that green light togo out taking your your favorite wafflebatter and you want to fill it I want tofill it just above the peaks so you feellike you’re kind of basically coveringthe you know the bottom plate and if youput a little too much X in extra indon’t worry and then if you want you cangive it a little shake just even it outbut if you put extra in don’t worry allthat happens is it comes out of thesides not the end of the world nope butif you put that amount and I promiseyou’ll have a perfect waffle everysingle time look at Connie andCalifornia’s picking up on thisWashington DC’s shopping this morningDianne in Tennessee Daniel in Texas it’sso smart to pick this up it is only $19and 88 cents it’s 46 percent off andthis is how I use mine almost every dayI got picky eater kids and we’ve hadthis in there for an extended time whileI’ve been out but out here blabberinglook at the nonstick that’s cheese thatmelted out from it and it all isnonstick it cooks perfect every singletimegrilled cheese now all you got to dowhat are you doing here so basically youtake your bus you take you just like anormal grilled cheese you put it in thepan load it up we just put your basiccheese in your butter either side youpre-heat it which takes maybe about 60seconds close it down lock it down andthen that’s it you’re gonna have theperfectly yummiest Brown sweet creamiestcheese nothing says please you love andgooeyness and yumminess and when thisone’s some of the cheese even is out ofthe side yes yummy melted butter onthere this is just oozing yumminess andthis you know this could be a snack thiscould be morning breakfast but I wantyou to see the color see how that yougot Bbeautiful caramelization this isliterally the plates in here on aceramic nonstick completely pfoa PFOAPTFE free which is completely safeceramic nonstick is such a wonderfulexciting little piece hey happy Mother’sDay to you Helen and happy Mother’s Dayto you too how you guys spending yourMother’s Day this is how we’re makingbrunch for Mom here all the moms are youhere Pat everybody that’s around hereJeff he’s not a mother yet not yet butthere’s time there’s time no nobody’sstopping him from becoming to motherright $19 and 88 cents is your price onthis you get to use value pay on this aswell how are you celebrating Mother’sDay we can we can find out if you wantto send us a little message on Facebooklooks like Sarah is cooking up somebagels and Paula Deen that looks goodyeah so join us on Facebook tell us howyou are celebrating Mother’s Day I gotup early which I’m not there thismorning I got up early the yesterdaymorning to make my wife’s poached eggsand fresh fruit and a nice Swiss chardon English muffin then got the kids tomake some some cards for her and then Igot to pick up some flowers today sothat’s how I’m gonna be celebratingMother’s Day for my wife it’s 4 7 6 2 19 you get this home for $19 and 88 centsI own this I’ve had it for 5 months nowI use it probably five six times a weekI make chicken breasts I make hamburgersI make grilled cheese probably numberone and and we do make waffles I use mymy waffle batter I’d make a little bitthicker than that and I use my ownhomemade maple syrup I made on my treefor my tree in the Mattgarde you can get this home for threedollars and 31 cents you get your choiceof colors you get either purple or blackor blue or red you can add some moreplates to this and I’m going to show youwhat makes thisexceptional I’m going to open the purpleone and I’ll show you actually itprobably should open two differentbecause it’s dirty the plates just popright out and you can clean them I justrinse these off most of the time you canhand wash them if you like but they stayclean because they are nonstick and thenthey just plug right back into that itdoes close like this you latch it theboth lights will come on and then thegreen want light will turn off when itis ready to cook then you just open itup put your batter put your sandwich putyour chicken breast in there and it’sready to go black purple red blue theblue is the most limited and Helen whatare you cooking up now well one thingwith all those things you are mentioningyou are making Blair one thing that it’sabsolutely super to making this wafflemaker by those cinnamon roll dough’s youknow those yummy ones Oh normally youhave to preheat the oven normally youhave to get the cake pans out just takethat dough push it just push it rightinto the waffle maker and then let it gofor about three or five or six minuteskeep an eye on it and then look at thisup front here you get the cinnamon rolldough waffles you can so here we’ve madea whole waffle but what you can do isyou can take little pieces and you canbreak them up and you can make separateones if you want to and then the icingthat comes with it just melt it on thetopyou are gonna wow everybody with yourcinnamon roll have you ever tried haveyou ever tried to cut something whenyou’re doing this it’s for we got towrap up on this is only 30 30 secondsleft it’s four seven six to a nine withover 7,000 of these sold thirty to fivestar reviews everybody look June in NewJersey’s ordering this New York is outthere New Jersey’s Arlene in New JerseyMary in New York I own this I actuallythought about getting another one toothey make great gifts happy Mother’s Dayto all the moms out there if you didn’tget a waffle maker for Momnow’s your chance go ahead and pick upon the

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