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COOK WITH ME (breakfast and dinner) waffles + a trip to India babyyy

sup dudes in this video you just cook with me lool on this day I made my breakfast and dinner and decided to vlog it for you guys, hope you enjoy! and subscribe 🙂

edit: no you’re not mad I uploaded this yday but it was the wrong video loool and I couldn’t keep it up soz..i hate myself too

as promised, a few links for you guys to check out:
Ways you can help – https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/
Justice for Tamir Rice – https://t.co/z3TRHscf8G
Justice for James Scurlock – https://www.change.org/p/demand-justice-for-james-scurlock-killed-by-omaha-racist-during-george-floyd-protest
Educate yourself (books) – Why I’m no longer Talking to white people about race (Reni Eddo-Lodge); White Fragility (Robin Diangelo); So you want to talk about race (Ijeoma Oluo); How to be anti-racist (Ibram X. Kendi)
#blacklivesmatter #educateyourself

My last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7lF9SI9CBg

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Video Transcription

[Music]and to be very honest with you guys Iwas best at this video in two hours butI was too hungry and so I decided thatI’m just gonna start it now right akitchen now on for breakfast I’m makingwaffles so I get everything I need herethese are all of them so easy just mixeverything together I’m gonna make thewaffles this is actually part of thevideo I’m looking for supposable foolsare like I mean if you don’t know how tomake waffles then I’m worried so yeah[Music][Music]one egg[Music]I don’t have my waffle maker now waitingfor the green light to go on it’s timebaby I hope everyone is doing fine rightnowand everyone staying safe and like lastweek’s video I’m gonna leave a bunch oflinks in the description box so that youguys can use to sign petitions I didn’tmoney or just you know finding clothesthat you supports I’m doing somethinggood for that and also some things thatI guys can educate yourself on just yoube a good person in these very very hardtimes so yeah guys I’m getting the linksin my description box stay tunedagainst the greenness is on now so it’sgoing to just go crazy[Music]now we want to make me like three[Music]okay kids[Music]now we just need that for this next partof the video I’m gonna attempt a tastyrecipe which is chicken tikka masalaI’ll put it like this you put the tastyguys during it here so you guys don’tsee me doing it I think this is good tobe so funny I wanted to make this forweeksinitially for the longest time you guysalways seen Dallas so that means youbetter you better like this video thechicken is still very hard um so I’mgonna do it and then come back[Music]yeah existed this limo to see makecooking video tasty make cooking food tolook fun that’s really not fun because Igo just between the garlic and theginger then[Music][Music] nose given for each one hour[Music]okay but I would make the sauce[Music]so like if you won’t shut as wellpeanuts can be Wowhow was your disability and not all thespices it smells nice too the one she’llshow you guys will awaken it[Music]I’m just I’m scared I’m scared I’mscared I’m scared[Music]it was at this moment that she knew she up[Music]just a bit more like though let’s tasteit why not it has to be doneyes[Music]mmm[Music]it’s actually so goodWow no no no no no no no no no wow it’sso goodI see anyone that can follow a recipetrust me this woman disappoints you truerocks me[Music][Music][Music]thank you thank you so much knows if itstays with you guys if you’re not stiffgets my kid gets commented that’s itshed its subscribe and now if I the nextweek with another video because I’malways bad you can exit but not thatvideo as I mentioned earlier don’tforget to check out the links in mydescription box and yeah I know you guysby now the bloopers it was a garlicactually she givesthe chicken what site still here can youmeet yourself that was the decision andI was it for this video guys

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