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Chicken and Waffles Make Chicken and Waffles at Home

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Video Transcription

hey what’s going on guys who lets hisbackhand today I’ve got a special treatit’s sweet and savory salty and crunchyit’s maple and pecans it’s chicken andwaffles stick around I’ll show you howalright let’s make chicken and wafflesnow there’s a lot of uncertainties aboutwhere this dish originated I’m not evengonna touch it all I’m gonna say is thisis how we make it in food less kitchennow what I really love about this dishis all the different flavors you’ve gotthe salty crunchiness of the buttermilkfried chicken the sweetness of the maplesyrup and we’re gonna spice ours up justa little bit and then you’ve got thatlight airiness of the waffle we’re gonnamake our waffle batter we’re gonnadredge and fry our chicken we’re gonnamake a cayenne maple syrup and a honeybutter this is just gonna be a fun dishand I can’t wait let’s get started nowyou can use a premade waffle mix out ofa box or you can make it from scratch weare gonna make it from scratch andhere’s the ingredients I have two and aquarter cups of all-purpose flour 2 cupsof milk 1/2 cup of vegetable oil this is2 eggs that I’ve separated the yolks andthe whites we have about 1/2 a cup ofchopped pecans 3 tablespoons of sugarthis is 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/2teaspoon of kosher salt 1 tablespoon ofbaking powder and just a splash ofvanilla I’m gonna start by beating myegg whites and the soft peaks I find ifyou fold these in at the end it makesfor a fluffier waffle[Music][Laughter]in this hole I’m gonna combine my wetingredients so the milk egg yolk vanillain the vegetable oil I’ll set that asideand we’ll move on to our dry ingredientshere I’m going to add my flour bakingpowder salt and cinnamon sugarnow I’ll add the wet mixture we got thisnice smooth batter now I’m gonna fold inthese egg whites these are the choppedpecans I’m not going to add these yetbecause they’re just gonna sink to thebottom I’m gonna wait until we make ourwaffle these are some organic free-rangechicken breasts that I soaked inbuttermilk overnight in the buttermilk iseasoned with garlic powder or just alittle salt some smoked paprika and alittle cayenne pepper this is my flourmixture from my dredge I’m gonna seasonthis a little bit of smoked paprika saltpepper garlic powder a few shakes ofcayenne pepper all right here’s ourdredging station we’re gonna take ourchicken we’re gonna go flour egg flourand into the hot oil[Music]I have this really high-end maple syruphere this bottle was about 18 bucks nowyou don’t have to spend that much but Iwill say if you spend just a couplebucks more you’ll definitely notice adifference in quality I’m gonna warmthis maple syrup just over low heat I’mgonna melt about 1 tablespoon of butterI’m gonna add about 1/4 teaspoon ofcayenne pepper we’ll just keep that niceand warm until it’s ready to serve herewe have a half a stick of soft butterI’m going to add a little honey to itand just a tiny splash of vanillaextract and I’ll stick that in therefrigerator and let it get nice andhardened all right so here’s my littlewaffle maker it’s not an expensive oneit just does the tricka little my pecansbeautiful now we’re gonna make a couplemore waffles prepare our chicken andwe’ll get this put on a plate[Music][Applause][Music]and there it is chicken and waffles foodlust style so after the chicken came outof the fryer I put it in the 375 degreeoven for about 15 minutes I wanted tomake sure that I just cooked to aninternal temperature of 165 degreesCheersWow we’ve got a lot of flavors going onhere that moist and tender chicken withthat crunchy coating on the outside thewaffles are nice and crispy and airy andthat maple syrup with that hint ofcayenne has just puts it over the top itis amazing and that’s how that one goes

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