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Cheesy Buttermilk Mac Waffles & Pizzelle get a thumbs down

Watch me use the Optavia fueling to make waffles and pizzelle that will end up in the trash. Some experiments just fail! (Habits of Health)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

buttermilk cheddar mac and i have readthat if you crunch it up you can make itinto like into like sort of tortillachip kind of things so I’m going tocrunch this up but I’m gonna try to getit as fine as a powder and make it intofacility hey I’ve got a pretty goodpowder in there looks like it has somepieces of pasta so a little bit big fishbut you know what I’m gonna do I’m goingto let it sit gonna mix it how muchwater doesn’t say these says to use halfa cup that’s four fluid ounces I’m goingto just use enough that it’ll mix itinto the kind of batter that I know willwork with the Preseli makerI’m gonna add a tiny tiny bit more sothat the pasta can kind of soften backokay so I added two ounces of waterI’m just gonna let it sit for a littlewhile here so hopefully the littlethere’s little tiny pieces of pastabecause I couldn’t get it totallycrunched up and let them sort of absorbthe water okay so I let this crushed upmacaroni and cheese thing sits so thatany of the pasta didn’t get crunched upenough would absorb water and I you knowfelt a piece and it was real school sheso I’m just gonna try one to begin withI don’t know if that’s enough matter butwe’ll seerightokay think I need a little more betterI’m kind of concerned I think itactually might be too watery Hollybecause of the way this one thinned outlet me just close to see how thin thisis the light just comes right through itnow it’s not time for me to eat yet butI’m just gonna taste great let me getokay mmm like cheesy potato chips okayso I’m not going to struggle with makingmore gazelle a because I know thisbatter it’s too wet so I’ve heated up mylittle mini bass here it’ll still workwell enough we’ll see how that comes outokay I think this may end up being avideo about what not to do what doesn’twork because I didn’t think about thefact that there’s nothing in thismacaroni and cheese stuff to bind ittogether like when you make a baked itemusually has eggs or egg whites orsomething like that to hold it togetherthis is still steaming butlet’s sayget it okayI don’t know maybe it maybe FK me aswell go and put the rest of it in thereI mean what am I gonna do with it Ican’t make cos la right so this is oneof those things that may not come inlooking pretty but at least it comes outrightkind of like it she used itnot bad we’ll see how this one does I’venever had failed it was so bad that Itossed it out but this is like you knowthe outside is too done the inside istoo squishy it does not taste thoughthat the pizzelle a are not bad at allexcept they’re too delicateokay we’ll see how this last one comesout I think this is going in the trashlast oneI don’t know but I’ll tryoh dear so the little the little tinypieces of pasta got crisp back up don’tfind it hard to chew it’s not pleasantokay this batch is going into the trashI guess there’s a first time foreverything my first total fail okay wellnow I know what doesn’t work have a goodday

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