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Carnivore Diet Recipe – WAFFLES

What’s going on everyone?! Welcome to another carnivore dessert video which we’re sure is going to delight you.

This Carnivore Waffle Recipe is 100% animal based, dairy free, gluten free (GUILT FREE) and a delicious carnivore dessert. It’s not your typical waffle but that’s what makes it so unique and special. It will leave you feeling full but energized, supply you with all of the B vitamins you need, give you glowing skin and prepare you to conquer your day.

COMMENT below if you have any suggestions of what carnivore food ideas you would like to see us make next.

And as always, let’s keep it simple and make real food cool again!

Now let’s get into how to make Carnivore Waffles!

The grassfed and finished liver was purchased from Green Pastures Farm. You can create an account and use our code to get $20 off your first order.

Original of the video here

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