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Banana & Blueberry Vegan Buttermilk Waffles || Vegan Recipe Ep. 42 || Steffanie’s Journey

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Hey Y’all!

Welcome back to “Steffanie’s Journey” for video #128, check out my “Banana & Blueberry Vegan Buttermilk Waffles”, this is my 1 Vegan Recipe Ep. 42!! I hope that you enjoy the video!! Thanks so much for stopping by my channel, don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE!!! Luv You Guys!!!

► Recipe Items Used:
Vegan Butter Milk
3/4 Cup – Almond Milk
1 TSP – Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Ripe Banana
2 TBLS – Melted Vegan Butter
1 TBLS – Maple Syrup
1 TSP – Pure Vanilla Extract
1 C – All-Purpose Flour
1/8 TSP – Sea Salt
1/8 TSP – Baking Soda
1/4 TSP – Cinnamon
2 TSP – Baking Powder
1/4 Cup – Blueberries

Prepare as shown in the video

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Pyrex Measuring Glasses – https://amzn.to/2KYqIHL
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Video Transcription

welcome to Stephanie’s journey for thoseof you are here for the very first timewelcome and for those of you returningwelcome back if you have not been herebefore I would love to have you as partof the Stephanie’s journeys family justclick on that subscribe button below aswell it’s the notification ba besidesthat so that you don’t miss any of myvideos in the near future today I amdoing a vegan banana blueberrybuttermilk waffle so if you’reinterested and seeing how I make thatman stick around and stay tuned for myingredients I have 3/4 cups of almondmilk you can use any plant-based milkthat you like and I have here a teaspoonof apple cider vinegar that I’m gonnause to pour it here to make thebuttermilk so I’m gonna go ahead andpour that in there now so they can startincorporating and thicken up this is howyou make vegan buttermilk and I willleave a link up here in the corner andyou can check that out one of thecorners I don’t know which one you cancheck that out and see I have somedifferent alternates that on how to makethat here I have 1 teaspoon of purevanilla extract I have one ripe bananaand it was almost about to go bad so Iwant to make this 1 tablespoon of puremaple syrup I have an a4 teaspoon of seasalt at a 40 spoon and a baking powder1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and 2 teaspoonsof baking powder I have 2 tablespoonsmelted butter and then I have anothertablespoon of melted butter I’m gonnause to base the waffle maker with I havea 4-foot cup of frozen blueberries andthen 1 cup of all-purpose flourso first off we did this we’re gonna letthat buttermilk sit to the side while wedo wet ingredients fresh was on themashed bananas so since these are veryright I already don’t have to do a lotof action to get themcould it matched but I don’t like themto be really really chunky so I maskthem get is this smooth as you like ifyou like chunks and yours leave them ifyou don’t end up so thin I’m going topour in the butter and I like to do mywet ingredients first you do yours oryou choose to try to get all of thatover there what I have left I wipe inthere I don’t like to be wasteful thebanana is used as my egg as a binderbecause waffles and pancakes call foreggs but you can use a banana and stayon applesauce whatever you see fit okaynow we’re gonna put in a teaspoon ofvanilla and a tablespoon of maple syrupand if you don’t like maple syrup inyours you can leave it out I just liketo flavor our maple syrup and it makesthe pancakes I mean not pancakesit makes the waffles taste so muchbetter I see you go for a smoothconsistency and I like my waffles crispyso I’m going to butter both sides of thewaffle makerso that I can achieve that the milk isthickened up a little so you need about10 or 15 minutes for that so do that inadvance before you start preparing andgetting all your stuff together do themilk first so that it’s ready so this isthin how I like it I’m gonna go aheadand pour the buttermilk in and I like tostare as I go oh you think it’s a whiskbut you didn’t get that outside it’sokay and the waffle maker that I have itis the Black and Decker I’ll link thatdown below I have a Amazon affiliatelink so link that below as well there’sanything else that I’m using in my videotodayso here I’m gonna pour in my first batchof dry ingredients which is two sobaking powder cinnamon and bacon I meanbacon soI really like to put my wit into my dryOhso let me switch this up works betterfor me that way when I put my wit intomy dry don’t know why but it’s easier tomix so start incorporating and stern asyou pour in your wet that way you won’thave too much in case you know you knowyou have too much wet ingredients youdon’t want to put it all in there andthen this to get you got flour which isokay but I like my batter more on thethicker side then a thinner side waffleand this will make two and a half ofthese which is more than enoughone of them is enough for one person inmy eyes but I don’t know how you eat andyou always put the blueberries in latchand fold them in because they burst andturning about a purple so this isincorporated it’s a little thick itcould be a little thicker for me now I’mgonna add a little bit more flour abouttwo tablespoonscuz I like it just a little bit thickerand I had to put all the liquid andbecause I poured two other dryingredients in there and I want to makesure they’re whole in there maybe it’sjust one LC gosh you know the banana ofsize varies in the witness to so youjust never know because of the witnessfrom your banana and I had a largebanana so always do you try and pullyour weight into your try and you don’thave to use any additional sugar in thisrecipe which is good because the bananais sweetness as well as the maple syrupand you can use agaveoh so you use honey if you not veganwell sure if you want just whateverfloats your boatI just prefer to make the surf taste cuzI like maple syrup and butter I mix themtogether to put over top of itI don’t like a lump so I just like to doit a little bit at a time when you pourthe dry hand to the wet yep that’s thethickness that I like and then my fourthcup of these are frozen blueberries youcan use fresh these are wild wildblueberries and you can use more than afour for cook if you like totally up toyouyou’ve wiped down my space and mymachine has an indicator on it that itis ready and it was ready but I openedit up so it’s cooled down so let’s justlet that sit for second I have a pan onthe side that I’m gonna put the onesonce they’re done in and then my butterto base to pair with and then my basterand I think this takes about I don’tknow a cook maybe I’m not 100% sure cuzI don’t measure it I just pour it fromthis container into the waffle maker sonow you see that the green light came onit doesn’t take that long for it to comeon so once it’s on I’ll take my basterand I just face each little section andthis helps it to keep it from stickingif you have trouble with your wafflemaker and your waffle sticking this isall you have to do and they just falloutnot worry about it let me use this tojust put that on there in each littlearea so I’ll just make sure you get thelittle crossbar that separates eachpiece and I start pouring in the middleand just let it go worried me and Idon’t feel the whole thing up becauseit’ll squirt out the sides and you don’twant thatit might make three today since I hadextra liquid but you feel it about 3/4full don’t like that that way it don’tspill out the sides because I don’t likethat and with this one you just click itdown flip it over and once it’s readydon’t lie to go off and it’ll steam andthat’s it so we’re just wait usually ittakes about three minutes then you flipit back over and it’s done see can yousee that steam coming up that lets youknow it’s doing its thing and becauseyou didn’t fill it up completely there’snothing falling out the inside it doeshave a catch pin here at the bottom tocatch what falls out but to me it it’snot wide enough it only drips on theedge dinner still drips on your counterand I do not like thatOh so I make that mistake what No we’llbe back once it’s okay the light hascome on and indicate that it is readyit’s still steaming a little bit so itmay not be quite ready I like my owncrispy so I let it sit for just a minuteor more so when I do my fork I’ll takeit over and put it in and think so let’sget a different Forknot even quite put enough in there seeit’s good and crispy and I take you putthem to the side and put ball on it tokeep it warm over the pan so that as I’mmaking my next batch they won’t get coldand then I put a little butter on thattoo so let me do this first and thenI’ll do thatall right see if we can get a little bitmore in this one so it’s a full circledon’t come out everywhere that’s whatI’ll be trying on boy tell you pleaselock it flip it overhopefully that won’t come out man ifthis one I put more butter on it causethat’s what I like I like I’m butteryand buttermilkthen we’ll just let that sit and wait onthat and we probably have enough forabout one more maybe a small half of onewe’ll see see it’s coming out which iswhat I don’t like but you’ll get to seethat it’s not a lot today thank God butI try to wipe it off as soon as I see itso don’t get your ID on to the makerokay the light has come on again forthis weight off flip it oversee how beautiful that isand what I like to do from my topping Ilike to take some blueberry sincethey’re frozen if I took them outanytime I want to let them go but I’mgonna pop them in the microwave I’mgoing to take some maple syrup which iswhat I’m gonna put over top of huh justthe last little bit of my maple syrup Igot another one I got some Costco Idon’t wanna take that that’s a wheel yesof course some more butterso get about another tablespoon of thisbutter I’m gonna put it in there withthat cuz I like my maple syrup hot andif you guys haven’t tried your maplesyrup hot oh you should really do thatand I put this in the microwave forabout 30 seconds sometimes you have totake a minute but you got to watch itwith the butter so I only do 30 minuteincrements because the buttercuz it splatters everywhere and that’sanother one of my pet peevesokay guys we are ready for the tastetest of a banana blueberry well as youcan see they are good fluffy and thickand they taste absolutely delicious youcan top them with anything you want thetype of way I like type of my with againmaple syrup with butter melted in it andhi I’d like my maple syrup hot warm orwhatever gosh quick easy you know what’sin itand like I said you can use any kind ofplate milk you like boom boom berry gotaway and if you don’t like maple syrupyou can use agaverekkles syrup I don’t know if recklesssyrup it is vegan or not you know thebook Mrs Butterworth or not I like maplesyrupso mmm and you can eat it with yourfavorite vegan meat sausages or bacon orwhat have you or if you’re not vegan oryour regular means I say everybody dowhy does my channel it’s not veganI gave a fake meats for Lent so I can’teat any meat I might make some ricepaper baconmr. spice paper Lizzienot today but if you try this comingbelow and let me know how you’d like itI love it I think is wonderful[Music]and yeah thank you guys for stopping byChina I hope that you enjoyed the videoand I look forward to seeing you all inmy very next video bye byeyou

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