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Audrey’s Kitchen: Homemade Waffles!

Here is another episode of Audrey’s Kitchen! Audfrey wanted to break pout our waffle Iron and make some homemade waffles! We hadnt made waffles in a while so it sounded delicious! Check out the video to see how Audrey makes waffles!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone and welcome to Audrey’skitten so today we are making homemadewaffles with my baby kicks a ball poolsticks then I got with Alexander andthis is especially with the circus we’vebeen stuck in a hassle we don’t know howthat special one oh boy Eddie himselfoh hey old mother so I got this I’m alittle cuz I was it was my butt but wedid make it probably late the first fewweeks whatever so we are gonna beat theeggs so they are fluffy whoa yeahactually the garbage is right here wellyou gotta crack them both first one moreone night you’re gonna get it right onyour back on your hands you’re gonnahave to go wash your hands anyway nowwe’re gonna beat the eggs fluffyoff-camera just so that I can helpso you’re gonna go watch daddy waitlet’s see if I like this okay I’m gonnaflash my hands on fluffy and I wash myhands and you need 2 cups of good jobcompany knew it elbow should say onemore cup they getting there good you gotto get a full cupit’s all good he has a flower and mybull oh we had that his tattoo but wehave this touchhe has bunch of patents sorry everybodyfor covering the camera that’s – that’sgood okay no that’s one of my favoritesongs busted some of the down yeah youhave to put sugar yepbecause it makes it taste good it’ssweet but I don’t like actually do youjust don’t like candy very much okaythat’s good one tablespoon a tablespoonso this isn’t a push bring daddy sure isyesnow you need okay good job actually thisis probably easier we need eight ofthose which would equal to or I’m sorryfour teaspoons and that’s baking powdermy first experiment the science based ornot down there don’t know that they’regonna be doing that anymore buddythey’ll probably still turn your projectthe spoilage control aside my sciencefair is gonna be like next so we needfour more[Music]two more but um but the sergeant’s widowwas gonna be like I think next Wednesdaybut they’re probably gonna postpone yeahhundred be careful above it over theknot oh no no just put it on the counterI’ll clean it up from there we want toknow that we’ve got a full teeth half ateaspoon that needs to go in there weneed help let me know you know it kindof packs together there nope that’s notenough need a full teaspoon halfteaspoon that’s goodnow a quarter teaspoon of salt so canyou take that off unscrew itnow I’ve loosened it it turns this waythere you goand there’s a quarter teaspoon just alittle bit of salt not a whole lotperfect not a ton of salt yeah wait notit’s not right when you get off so um notell everybody will be back because I’mgonna do something real quickyes we’re gonna be back okay miss and weall do it know what including so wedon’t need these anymoreright now company job that’s enough it’sall good soil yep there you gojobso now people be back with I wouldsubmit I’m out oh the fluffy head to himget olderall right good job[Music]sweating thereall it there you go now you can put thatdown I’m just gonna start it now whatyou doing don’t you don’t have to dothat[Applause][Music]see all the guys stuck yeah[Applause][Applause][Applause][Music]step back just a bitOh actually I’m gonna have to hold ontomegood job yep you got it that’s what Iwanted to get do not like I would notsuggest honey waffle with weights on topof the bottle of it chocolate chipchocolate chip cookiesit would probably burn the chocolate andmelt them Ohso basically if you want to put them allon there done cooking you can so we’llbe back with it’s either time to putthem in there or we’re gonna show yaokay so now it’s time to spray with sixplates but if you want this type ofwaffle methods go to babycakes that’sthe packaging that’s just who makes iteven get waffle makers it’s Target orWalmart why don’t you let me do thatbecause I know you have a hard time it’sonly[Music]but you don’t put it in the top rightshall we make five wafflesso will so as you can see we have boybattle-ax boys flips and also hold up ifyou want to know what it’s ready paintlight goes all right so we will be backdown nice and finished and you cut outyour own touches to it you can makebanana horse baby so will be better donecook it and how you open the name justnice and they look so young right now sowe’ll make some light don’t worry knowshow much so yeah I hope y’all enjoyedthis video and don’t they tell what isyour plan for this awesome breakfastnook in the head barely also had turkeybacon so neck so I should try thisrecipe out bye

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