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【初挑戦】 ワッフル作り! [First challenge] Making waffles!




     💙小麦粉 150g
     💙ベーキングパウダー 小さじ
     💙塩  ひとつまみ

     🧡植物ミルク 150g
     🧡メープルシロップ 大さじ1
     🧡なたね油 大さじ1

作業1 💙を全部混ぜる!

作業2 🧡を別のボールに混ぜる!

作業3 💙と🧡を混ぜる!

作業4 ワッフルメーカーに入れて出来上がりを待つ!

作業5 お好みのトッピングで食べる!


I made a waffle for the first time!

It was a series of failures … 😅

Anyway, take a look! !! !! !!

How to make
💙 Flour 150g
💙 Baking powder teaspoon
💙 Salt pinch

🧡 Vegetable milk 150g
1 tablespoon of maple syrup 🧡
🧡 1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil
🧡 Vanilla extract
Half a teaspoon

Work 1 💙 Mix everything!

Work 2 🧡 Mix in another bowl!

Work 3 Mix 💙 and 🧡!
(At this time, mix like cutting a rubber spatula)

Work 4 Put it in the waffle maker and wait for it to be completed!
(Waffle makers should warm the oil in advance!)

Work 5 Eat with your favorite toppings!

It was a treat! !!


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TikTok https://vt.tiktok.com/UWx7Ak/

Original of the video here

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