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Weekend in the Life – Beignets, Dollar Tree Haul, Baking Egg Pie | ZAM adventures

We have a new vlog for you all today! Join us for a weekend in the life where we get some beignets, do a dollar tree haul, and bake some egg pie! What do you do on the weekends? What is your favorite pastime during the weekend?

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We are a family consisting of Zane, Althea, and Micha. Together that makes “ZAM”. This channel follows our everyday lives in USA and the fun we have living it. We love all things Disney, from watching movies and TV shows to buying merchandise relating to Disney. We also love traveling to new places and will showcase all our adventures on this channel. Stay tuned as we bring you life from our eyes! Life is an adventure, go live it with ZAM ADVENTURES!

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