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We Baked Pie WITHOUT A Recipe!

We Baked Pie WITHOUT A Recipe!

Hello Everybody! In today’s video, We Baked Pie Without A Recipe! This was so fun to do and also SO FUNNY to film because we were both completely opposite in what we were making, and also in how we were acting! This video definitely makes for HILARIOUS viewing!

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Video Transcription

oh my dear Jesus Ben no I don’t singoh no no no I’ve never been so stressedin my lifehello everybody and welcome back to thechannel today we are adding to theseries of baking without a recipe andtoday it is pie edition so if you don’tknow how this works we do not know howto bake pies from scratch without arecipe so this is going to be fun sobefore we get into this video make surethat you like the video and subscribe toour Channelbecause then you can see us do sillythings like this oh and if you turn thenotifications on you’ll get anotification to say when we upload Bennyyou need to go get your ingredients andeverything you need so utensils okwhatever you need to make your pie okaylet’s go I’m pretty sure a shortcrustpastry pie has a few not manyingredients to be honest I’m pretty sureI’m pretty sure pretty certain that isjust flour and butter but I’m gonnaactually add a little bit of milk aswell just add a tiny bit okay I don’tknow if you’re supposed to but I feellike it might make the pastry you knowtaste a bit nicer yeah I don’t know inmy pie I’m going for a sweet pie like adessert pie okay so I am going to havethat bruiseyes and I’ve got a couple of cookingapples as well so it’s going to be aBrad a brown the Apple and Blackberrypie and it’s gonna be deliciousI’ve got that over so you need Boswelldirty rolling pins definitely rollingthis so the reason I’m getting eggs isbecause on the top of a pie so on thecoverI’m pretty sure that you wash it witheggs yeah I’m pretty sure you like putit over the top to give it a nice colorsome cinnamon cinnamon okay that’s gonnabe that’s an integral or greedyingredient into this integral and andalso some sugar oh my god oh my godof course I need something I need apeeler and the knife and a choppingboard what I’m just gonna smash applesup I think I’m good to goyeah yeah okay I am good to go hello andwelcome to cooking with Ben thank youthank you today I’m going to show youhow to make the most delicious mostdelectable apple and blackberry pie thefirst thing that we are going to do isdo our pastry we can just add some youknow yeah to actually make it sound likewe’ve got an audience yeah yeah ourwhole meal baking flour we’re just gonnaadd how much makes bloody pastry ah inthe bomb I’ve got a spoon I did thislast time yeahbut general we did last time are youdoing again why don’t you shoot yourbloody fool peidong does the fork is notfor this for big old dollops should besufficientmilk Oh Nowhy do Jesus been so I’m gonna add a -literally a – not a lotI’m hoping that makes all the differenceand makes me win this contest oh JesusChristlook at the way he feels and caressesthe dough the dough it done I’ve justcome on come on all I’m doing is rubbingflour my rolling pin all right oh that’sso very satisfying and you know what Ithought she made quite a lot so normallywhen I bake pies like this like I doevery single day of my life and but Inormally wanted the dough probably abouthalf a centimeter thick okay just sothat it isn’t too thick when you biteinto it but it’s also just thick enoughso it holds all of the filling its rubrub the tin down have a nice healthyhelping of butter mm-hmm my calculationsare correct everybody watching thisshouldsit in there nicely and it does oh nowwhat I’m going to do is peel my apples[Music]once you’ve done this get your applesdump them in so I’ve sliced them intothin slices like this because I feellike they’ll cook through better thanhaving them in chunks it’s time for theblackberries so what I’m gonna do I’mgonna chop each blackberry in half okayand layer them on top so they’re alsothe reason I’m chopping this in half isso I hope the juices when it cooks comesout more and seeps into the apples downbelow let’s just give this a little – ontop hopefully now that’s on top with theblack reduces it’s gonna seep this is mybottom of the pie done I now just needto make the top again so I’m just gonnapop this on top and then what I’m gonnado is make a little bit of decorationfor the top because that’s because allpies have a nice bit of decoration ontop don’t they so what we need to do isseparate into three parts roll one partinto a sausage shape and then the othertwo just roll it into little balls andthere we have the eyes and a nose orperson so then we’ve got eyes eyes noseand then what we’re gonna do is draw alittle mouth[Music]here Jesus and there we have itwhat a lovely delicious wonderfullooking pie hello and welcome toKirsch’s kitchen and today I’m going tobe doing a pienot just any pie a savory pie Oh okay sothe first thing I’m gonna need is someeggsI might get some milk just in case Ineed some milk also going to get someonion I’m going to get the butter outthe freezer Wow Oh bacon ossama needearlier also need board a niceI’m gonna jump as well so I’m gonna takethese in there and get started firstthing I’m gonna do is make the pastrygrab my butter always very soft stillits feel so weird when it’s like firstgoes in come on dive[Music]lovely angle me a bit of flower justlike that I want to like try and getquite thin for it because no one likesit when well some people might put Idon’t ice when the pastries like reallythick I don’t know what I’m doing that’snot big enough is ithey star again Oh nothinpresentation out the window already noneed to patch it in places so we’ve gotmy PI the inside I’ve done some patchingjobs so for the top I am going to needsome eggies why is it so hard to getshell think I’m gonna need some more eggI think we just want to point out aswell that this is gonna be our dinner itistopping already this is not the vision Ihad[Music]no I don’t sing well no oh no oh no ohno why have you pulled it off for that Idon’t know why have you done that Ben Idon’t know what to do who is it why youdon’t know what – oh I’ve never been sostressed in my life why go serve this inthe restaurant I’ve got to take it backrighthey right I’m ready to go yeah I’m readyto gohow long do you reckon this going in forah oh yes look at the face pie it’swonderful here we go – virtually doesn’thave a lot more from it because ran outbig but look how much itrisen compared to what it was wow it’s amessy pie to say yeah there’s long as ittastes good yeah it’s fastI’m just saying presentation you’re aslong as that is bloody good yeah look atthat little face you can see the smilethere as well yeah and look at thatwe’ve got our two pies for these badboysactually they look pretty good lookpretty good like my upside-down smileyface it looks wonderfulI like this got a nice pie shine to itas well they’re a bit darker than normalpies because we used whole wheat flouryeahor wholemeal flour away over hours so itis a little bit and do not yet it mighteven taste it for ya the pastry mighttaste different because of that reasonyeahoh no no how am I supposed to get it outthis is my boy yeah it’s kind of it gotstuck to the bottom because you know whyasha amateur probably you sirs fine it does look nice though I’lltell you what it’s good it’s good theonly thing not to say as my as me as aprofessional it’s that some of thepastry is a bit thin I think I’ve gotbottom bit decent it’s good I like itoh my God look at that Wow that has wasexactly how I wanted it to look all thejuice of the bottom now look at thecolour of thatoh my god that worked exactly how Iwanted it to yes mmmhow good is that how good is thatoh that is so good that’s what so well Iwanted it to all the juice drips it alldown into the pie they’re both actuallyreally good however I think we both needto vote don’t mean to explain why wevote for each oneyeah I’m vote for mine and the reasonI’m vote for mine is because it tasteslike childhood to me it’s literally justlike takes me back yours is like yoursis does taste not really nice but thisis just spawn for me well I am gonnavote for my one yeah I know I know yeahthat is so good no no you have donereally well like the filling the way Ithought through it the presentation ofit it’s even scored on top this yeah youknow got a face on it it’s definitely aface stuff your childhood it’s all aboutthe now food we couldn’t agree todisagree here yeah not yoursreally nice yeah but I know I don’tprefer either one to be fair the AWS isalso nice but I definitely prefer minethank you so much for watching make surethat you leave a like on the videosubscribe if you’re new and let us knowin the comments down below if youenjoyed this videowho you think is better I mean taste itbe lips I’m just look for Spencer if youhaven’t seen our other baking without arecipe we baked cakes without a recipeand to be honest it was ok and also turnthe notifications on because then younotified every single time we applied itthank you for watchingwe’re now going to demolish this I willsee you in the next video bye[Music]

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