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Toddler BAKING Rhubarb-Strawberry PIE | Toddler FUN BAKING a Pie | Giulia BAKING a Pie

Giulia LOVEs to bake and help mommy in the kitchen. This time she is helping mommy to bake her favourite, rhubarb-strawberry pie. It is a sweet and tangy pie.

The recipe will be posted below.

Giuliana’s Life is all about little Liana’s precious, fun, educational and entertaining videos. Her parents decided to document her growth and development and in part, share it to the world to hopefully give some positive and good vibes to whoever will watch it. We are also sharing her trips and adventures and her playing with her kids toys. We hope you guys enjoy while watching her bubbly and contagious smile and personality.

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Thank you guys for watching {******}

Original of the video here

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