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Video Transcription

I mean I do love me a really nice creampie but it might get me pregnantblowing loves and welcome back toanother episode of sexy baking it withyours trulyChelsea I wanna do something you guysreally did enjoy the last sexy baking Idid and I really enjoyed it because Igot to bake some really yummy atchocolate chip cookiesI always mentioned that I love to layerlingerie under something simple like aneasier white men’s of button-down shirtsomething’s so easy and then just addingthat feminine little twist underneath ofa really a sexiest slinky a piece offeminine lingerie that you wear theoffice take it to dinner you tape down acouple of buttons and by the time youget home I mean it’s time for dessertamongst other things what is better tellme what is better my love’sand then a good old-fashioned cream piein the bedroom or in the kitchen itsimply doesn’t matter all that we knowit’s gonna be extremely enjoyable sotoday we are making a quick and easycoconut cream pie I know that my musicto your ears because it sounds reallydelicious for me I’ve never made thisrecipe before in my whole entire lifebut reviews are good on Pinterest and ofcourse I had to read through herbullshit story as to why she decided tomake it basically the husband tells thisindividual how amazing and how Wow thisis the best cream pie that he’s ever hadand I mean he’s had a lot of cream pieas he probably has I’m not gonna contestthat right so following through you doneed aunt 9-inch pie crust I don’t knowif this is 9 inches I’m not really goodwith size and you guys know all aboutthatbut this supposed to be a 9-inch piecrust and you’re supposed to bake itbefore so I went ahead and I baked itthis morning while I was getting readyit is now cooled down and it’s likereally shrunk so I don’t really knowwhat’s going on with this pie crustI’m Nasreen that the author’s name isSarah and Sarah honey if this is yourhusband’s favorite and best cream pie Imean I do love me a really nice creampie but it might get me pregnant okay sofirst thing that this recipe does callfor is a 1 cup of Meland I’m going in with 1% milk I was kindof I don’t know if you to go in withcoconut milk because I don’t I I’m justgonna follow the recipe it going andwith one a cup of milk you couldprobably use any kind of milk that youwant the next thing that they want us togo in with is a 14 ounce can ofsweetened condensed milk now if you’renot familiar with what’s mean condensedmilk is it’s this really creamy reallythick consistency of a sweetened milkand you know people using their coffeesor a lot of times obviously in bakingand I’m trying to be healthy with it soI got like the low-fat condensed milkyeah I wanted to kind of set the stagefor this a little bit of a bake with mesimply because like I said if you have alot of time on our hands and why not letour minds wander a little bit kind oflike a naughty little story time alittle bit of role-playing if you must Iwanted you guys to kind of look at thisand maybe view me as someone who’s doinga little bit of baking for you in thekitchen this is what you come home toafter a very long a hard day’s work andyou know I’m just hanging out relaxingin the kitchen making somethingdelicious the cream pie to ingestand then maybe you will treat me with acream pie after you eat it and I reallydon’t know being in the kitchen it’shonestly all about having fun and justbeing relaxed and just you know lettingyourself experience brand-new things andthat is something that I like to mentionand incorporate into the bedroom as welland baking should be no different what’sgonna lower the camera down so you cansee exactly what’s going on I’ve goneahead and added in the swing condensedmilk as well as the 1% milk in the SavalI’m just whisking after each additionand after the success to add n2a boxesof vanilla instant pudding here is onepackagelast and that we are going to whisk intothe mix is a cup and a half of sweetenedshredded coconut this stuff tastesbloody amazing I just love it so verymuch and it just dump it in like thatand get to whisking and you’ll noticethat the consistency is getting up muchthicker and we love ourselves a goodthick and tasty cream it is so thick youguys like you have no idea this is whereI got a little bit nervous and typicallyI’m not a nervous person especially whenit comes to baking so the recipe callsfor an 8 ounce container of whippedtopping and I thought oh my goodness acoconut cream pie what better than toadd in a coconut whip this is vegan it’sreally delicious this is my go-to atwhat I want with topping it says 8ounces and this is 255 grams I don’tknow conversions ok so I just googled itI just looked it up and this containeritself is like 8 and 1/2 ounces so weare good on that but in regards tohaving some leftover for topping we’regonna go ahead and make our own awhipping cream it seemed so delicious Iused to work at Starbucks so I knowexactly how to do it bold and this wholecontainer I’ve whipped taught me in itdo not whisk it because you want thefluffiness in the airiness to remain inthe cream to make it fluffy once wetransfer it to the pie shell we’re gonnago ahead and fold in the coconut milk solet’s take all of our lips hop in justadd it in[Music]as you can see everything is folded inreally nicely now we can go ahead andtransfer this into our prepared piecrust let’s slowly add the filling intothe crust so now it says to refrigerateat least two hours until set I’m gonnado that I’m gonna start the timer Ididn’t know that I had to set this piein the refrigerator I have no room uphere so I’m gonna walk this down to theIVA kitchen pop it in that fridge let itchill in the fridge for up to two hourswhat’s a two hour alarm goes off of myphone I’m gonna come back here we’regonna whip up our homemade whippingcream together it’s gonna be so much funis so easy countdown begins that as ofnow I’m gonna pop this in therefrigerator change into somethingdifferent film a couple of videos andthen we’re gonna touch base I’m backagain out with this yummy and veryscrumptious cream pie is ready all rightmy love so two hours have come and goneextremely quickly and I did film alittle bit of naughtiness in between soit was kind of nice kind of different sothis is what she’s looking like it’s sodelicious and literally so perfect doesthis look like your typical cream pieyou tell me I work at Starbucks likewhen I was in high school so it is likea no-brainer how to make whipping creamI know how to do a lot of barista stuffit’s very easy so all you have to do isbasically get a bottle of cream and Ilike to go with like the full fat creambecause that’s gonna give you the bestwhipping cream possible and you justpour some into a big bowl we’re justusing the same mixing bowl that we usedearlier I should lower the cameraa little bit just so you guys can see itexactly what I’m doing I don’t want topour it all in we’re not gonna use thewhole bottle but what you’ve lost a bitjust be cautious too like this it doeslove to squirt and splatter everywherejust be careful this is exactly howStarbucks does their whipping cream Idon’t know the exact measurements orratio but basically all you need isheavy cream and then Starbucks ofvanilla syrup very easy and I’m gonnaadd in just a touch of normal vanillatoo you just want to whip this untilstiff peaks form so as soon as you seethings that stop splattering and sawspray and gain a little bit stiff you’regoldenyeah a bad slate that 10 years later andwe finally got the whipping cream allwhipped up and nice it doesn’t seem likea lot but I think it’ll be a had justthe right amount for the top of thiscream pie last night I went ahead andtoasted some toasted coconut flakes andthey just look so delicious and yeah[Music]firstly myself I’ve been cream piebefore and it’s never entailed this muchwork now it’s time for the moment oftruth and I know I’m not cutting thiswith the correct knife this is a steakknife but let a bitch live so I’m gonnadive into it mmm I’m so excited toactually try this out mm-hmm yesterdayit tastes like pudding this pie is tallyep and I did try some already but looklike how tall it is it’s crazy and itlooks so pretty it looks exactly likethe photo on Pinterest and it is sweetyou guys is so delicious I don’t want tobe ass lying and eating on here with theopen mouththat is kind of rude you definitely needfresh whipping cream on top I think ifyou would have got it and it was likecool whip or something like that itwould have been way too sweet havinglike the plain cream and whipping it andputting on top so delicious and so goodfellas is this not something that youwould love it to be greeted to once youcome home from work I’m not talkingabout myself I’m talking about the piethe delicious dessert a cream pie no youknow some of you might be wine adifferent kind of cream pie but you knowwhat this one can suffice this is gonnabe the only kind of cream pie now I’mgonna be sticking to for quite some timeif you enjoyed watching today’s videoplease leave a big thumbs up subscribeif you haven’t already down below thedrop box is a direct linkover to my Instagram account please giveme a follow over there and that would bea greatly appreciate it until next timethank you so much restrain a little bitof time with me today be careful I’m Godbless have a good sex and I’ll see eachand every one of you in my next video


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  2. My girlfriend got on birth control so instead of being my toaster strudel she could be my cream filled twinkie.

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  5. She’s got a sexy voice beautiful body hot woman love your video I like coconut!! Awesome

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