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Hey my Beautiees I wanted to show you all the baking side of me, I love to bake and it’s fun in my book to do this with your family. I wanted something sweet and I always have stuff in my house to bake with so I decided to bake a sweet potato Pie!! YYYYEEESSS GOD a sweet potato pie.. and it was so good!! PLEASE LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!!

5 Sweet Potato’ s
4 large eggs
4 pie crust
1 cup of sugar
1 stick of unsalted soften butter
1 half can of sweet condensed milk
1 can of carnations milk
1 1/2 teaspoon of nut meg
1 table spoon of cinnamon
a pinch of salt
bake for 30 to 45 mins at 400 degrees.


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Video Transcription

hey beauty cuties hey hey welcome backto my channel it’s been a little minuteyeah I had to do my hair I had to get onit at quarantine mode I had to do it alltogether but look I’m back and what I’mdoing today is I’m making my way okay sothis is a recipe that was passed down tome and I’m not gonna tell you you knowbe okayneed-to-know basis all right so this ismy recipe I’m gonna show you guys how todo it so I already got my sweet potatoesin here already got my egg in here Ialready got I got my sweet potato my eggmy my softened butter in here so whatyou need to make for pies is sweetpotato[Music]for eggs make sure you get all thistogether so you guys can follow alongwith mealready my sister requested this for meyou know she likes last week take fiveI’m just saying y’all think y’all lookbetter show it up the show out and allright so I don’t want y’all necessarilyseeing my face cuz it’s not about meit’s about let’s goall right turn y’all down here so y’allcan see what I’m doingy’all need to see me okay it’s aboutthis this right here okay so we’re gonnaadd in we already got sweet potatoes theegg for the ground I mean not the brownbutter the softened butter I’m gonna addin a cup of sugar I already measuredthat out a cup of sugar right I’m gonnaadd in so sweet condensed milk gonna addthat inall right we’re gonna add in somecarnations milk evaporated if you can’tfind his store brands of car would thenand then I’m going to add in some evenelse I’m told them today some vanilla Iadd about a tablespoon in half then I’mgoing to add some nutmeg ground up meokay[Music]right about a teaspoon a day and cinimonokay we’ll add that add about atablespoon and a halfall right now plug this innow put it down all right now we’regonna go ahead and mix it all togetherlet’s all together to smooth what’sgonna happen is all the strands and Iuse the the whisk the whisk whisk sothen if you get all those strandstogether that should be in and it goesinside the ball I don’t like those hairsI just can’t stand the hair of the umthe sweet potato so that’s what the Wizdoes it catches it for me[Music][Music]sothis is how they’re going to look beforeand I’m getting ready to put them in andthen we won’t return in just a littlebit okay and they are[Music]you guys close we’re going to put oneright hereso I canfix thatoh wait wanna make sure I get it cuz Ididn’t get my my last things I did Iwant to make sure I get this all in theway you guys see us washed out there wegoall right nice and hotgoodthis yes[Music]Oh still hot I just want to taste it Oh[Music]okay you guysthis is fine it was so like I just tookit out I had to taste it while it’s hotI’m gonna let it cool off but me I justhad to taste it I don’t know my secretingredient but there still turned outmagnificent my secret ingredient wouldhave made this pop what I made it finebut it still turned out beautifullywhat’s this thing football it’s gonna beeven better and I know dog well I shouldnot have a taste for something sweet andyou don’t want to go in the stores butgod but God okay so I use five sweetpotatoes and you’ve seen the rest Ididn’t say how many potatoes i sweetpotatoes I use but it’s five and mysister won at this go please check outher channel I don’t think she hadanything up yet but it is this a jokemom is cooking and y’all she can throwdownwhen I say throw down we have familythat cooks for my brothers all the waydown to my missus my oldest brother myolder sister my sister we all can throwdown in the kitchen but she shouldn’tget ready to light y’all up but some ofher delightful cooking and when I telly’alldoor down what’d she say this ain’t yourmama’s cookin so I won’t try to go checkout I’ve got some shout out this a jokemom is cookingG&K their wayalso check out real talk with Missplease she has a lot of insight when Isaid a lot of insight job she will pickyou up when you’re feeling down she willmake laugh when you don’t want to shewill help you out on a daily up dosedwith something that you may notunderstand what’s going on in the worldshoot at anybody I didn’t feel likedoing nothing today I got em all rightsome lashes and some eyebrows I think Itook it off because it got hot businesshow she’ll baking for five and when it’s80 some degrees it gets hot and I tookit off yes God I did put these pathstry recipe and you won’t be disappointedI promise this is delicious and everyexpert that word get together how tokiss back eggs or how to key eggs putthe potatoes sweet potatoes in the potI’ve kind of been y’all filled potatoestogether have family moments dosomething at the time I know they cameready to open the states again you knowand there’s a bit of time that you guysdo something together you know that it’sstill a lot of the family you know thatyou guys have instilled in them now thatyou canyeah so it’s still in them that you guyshave been and it’s fun to do stuff no mydaughter isn’t here my granddaughter isin here but I tell you what if she hadbeen she would have been in here I wantto talk I was cooking I were to let herI would have barked a stool over and lether drop some sweet potatoes in the potthat hurt drop in some cinnamon the headhurt or something well this is somethingthat you can do togetherjust have fun 20 sit-ups get some spotsknee hurt I’m still do it it’s a recipefor fun have fun enjoy please likecomment and subscribe to my channel andgo check out everyone else’s channel doyou guys braids in my hair and I didthis myself I should have a little bitdoing the brains but when I touch it upI will let you guys see how is thatgonna touch it up so but that being saidI don’t want to keep you guys too longyou know talking to you guyslove you guys enjoy this time thequarantine is her quarantine in hisheart could make the best of this isyour lifetake it back and live

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