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SO MUCH FLAVOR! The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe On YouTube 😋🥧

Today, we’re making KEY LIME PIE!

This is a favorite of my family! My mom has been making this specific recipe since I was a child, so it’s SUPER special in our family.

It’s so quick & easy to make, you’ll be shocked how delicious it turns out!


Pie Crust Recipe: https://youtu.be/s1cCucDhs3I


Key Lime Pie

Makes 1 pie

1 pie crust, homemade or store-bought

1 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons cornstarch
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon finely grated lime zest
¼ cup unsalted butter
1 cup (8 ounces) sour cream

1 cup heavy whipping cream
¼ cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
¾ cup sour cream


Preheat oven to 425° F. Make pie crust according to recipe instructions and fit into a standard 9- or 10-inch pie plate. Using the tines of a fork, prick the bottom and sides of the crust so it doesn’t bubble when baking. (I like to use a disposable pie plate, fitted inside the crust, to hold the crust in place while baking for the first 8-10 minutes.) Bake crust for 12-14 minutes or until golden brown.

In a saucepan, combine the sugar and cornstarch. Stir in heavy cream, lime juice, lime zest and butter. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring frequently. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes, until mixture is thick. Cool to room temperature. Fold in sour cream. Spread into baked crust.
For topping, in a small mixing bowl, beat whipping cream for 2 minutes on high. Add sugar and vanilla; beat again until firm. Fold in sour cream. Spread over filling. Refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Marie welcome to Marie’s kitchentoday we’re going to make key lime pieand it is my mom’s favorite pie so I wasplanning to make it for her for Mother’sDay but of course that all got too crazyso here we are a week late and I’m stillI just want to make it four she loves itit’s her favorite pie in the whole worldshe’s been making it since I was a kidso it’s really just special in ourfamily and I think you’re really gonnalove this recipe we are gonna make ahomemade crust first and just walkthrough each step step by step and ifyou want more instruction on the crust Ido have a longer video on homemade piecrust and all the tools you need andexplaining each and every detail of whywe’re using different things but this isgoing to be kind of a quick version sopie crust and then we’ll make thefilling put it all together and have ataste so I’m just really glad you’rehere thanks so much for joining us andlet’s get started[Music][Applause]okay so homemade all butter pie crustwhat do you need all-purpose flour alittle bit of sugar a little bit of saltand a stick of cold unsalted butter aswell as some water so it’s just a fewingredients very simple we’re going touse the food processor for this if youdon’t have a food processor you can doall of these steps with your hands ittakes a little more time but totallydoable up done and many times before butif you have a food processor I dorecommend it we’re gonna start with oneand a quarter cup all-purpose flour I’mjust going to scoop the flour out of thebag and level it off with a knife putone cup in here and have one quarter cupmore the main thing with flour is youdon’t want to pack it in when you’remeasuring it you just kind of want tolightly scoop it up and then level itoff you pack it in you’ll won’t getaccurate measurements now we’ll addabout a tablespoon of sugar doesn’t haveto be exact you can add more or less ifyou like it sweeter or less sweet and apinch of salt then we’ll just mix thisup to combine the dry ingredients quickpulse easy now we’ll be ready – myhusband is outside exercising and mykids are riding bike so who knows what’sgoing on behind me and they may come inat any time just warning so now thebutter you do want to use cold butterand the reason is again I have a videoon this in much more detail but thereason is you want to use cold butterit’s because you don’t want it tocombine too much with the flour the goalis to have little pieces of buttercoated in flour and then when you rollit out in the pie crust there’s a littlebutter really steamed and make flakes sothat’s how you get a flaky crust so ifyour butter is really really warm oralmost melted it will just combine intothe flour like like a cookie dough whereyou don’t see any of the butter piecesbut for a pie crust you want to use coldbutter and then just combine it thisaway oh hi we’re rolling I guess yeah doyou mindwashed up lighter keep washing yourhands you want to join ustell you so we’re going to use some coldbutter here I’m just going to cut it upinto some pieces here and then pop itinto the food processor I like that veryeasy this is actually getting a littlewarm but we should be fineso now we’ll put those[Music]keep pulses and then you will have somesmall pieces of butter as well as maybesome bigger pieces of better and that’sexactly what you’re going for varioussizes of butter will give you a niceflaky crust so we have the butter mixedin with the flour now we’re gonna addthe water and you always want to usecold water it’s the same reason we’reusing cold butter so we’re gonna doabout five tablespoons of cold waterthree four five now we’re gonna do a fewpulses on this we’re gonna do it okay sowhat you have is if you look at thecrust it still looks pretty dry rightyes so it still looks pretty dry butwhen you bring it together with yourhands it comes together like a pie doughlike pack bait what we’re gonna take outa piece of glad press and seal and thisbox in a little bag so I’ve trouble withit there we go okay then we’re going toput the press and seal down on thecounter so next let’s take the blade outof the dough and then we’ll just flipthis right on to the press and seal likethat okay so we’ll just gather up thepie crust like this into a little discshape twist it to close it and thenthere you have your homemade pie crustthis is we’re just going to put this inthe freezer for about 10 to 15 minuteswhile we start on the filling for thefilling you’ll need 1 cup sugar 3tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup heavywhipping cream1/3 cup lime juice which Jack is goingto help me withand a quarter cut better we’re going tocook the filling on the stove to thickenit and then let it cool and then onceit’s cool we’ll add some sour cream sothat gives us this wonderful tart flavorthat it but still really creamy so it’sjust delicious so let’s start with oursugar one cup sugar in the pan and putthis over a medium low heat then we’lladd our three tablespoons cornstarch Ohwe’ll give that a stirnext we’ll add our 1 cup heavy whippingcream 1 cup mix that togetherokay so you’re Xing the lime great andthen Jack it’s going to pour in the 1/3cup fresh lime juice that’s really theonly kind of hassle of this pie isgetting the lime juice in the line peelbut if you have helpers it’s really easypretty much nothing throw this up thelime juice in with the cream thecornstarch and the sugar then we’ll add1/4 cup butter so that’s half a stickokay out of its buttery you’re gonna putthe butter in okay and drop that inthank you okayyou can mix it I think that’s everythingfor that we just need to add the limezest so we’ll just add the lime zest andyou’ll notice we are not using key lineskey limes come from Florida and they’rereally really really tiny even sometimessmaller than this so I wouldn’trecommend using actual key limes unlessyou just happen to have a bunch of themor you you know you live in Florida andhave a lot of them because they actuallytake even longer to juice and zest so Ijust use these standard limes and alsoyou can get lime juice already squeezedat some grocery stores you can wholefoods are at Central Marketh-e-b you can get the lime juice alreadysqueezed so that would save you sometime just make sure you get the freshlime juice and not anything that’s likeshelf-stablecuz that’s not going to taste very goodokay that’s great buddyJack’s gonna add one tablespoon of limezest and simply just throw that in youcan see the lime zest right in thereokay so stir that up and we’re gonnabring it to a little bit higher you wantit to just boil and then that’s gonnathicken it once it’s thick then we’lltake it off the fire and let it cool toroom temperature before we add the sourcream pull that ends sofilling we’ve been simmering on low forabout 10 minutes and that allows it tothicken and when that’s done just turnthe fire off and let it cool to roomtemp and while that’s cooling I’m goingto roll out the crust here let’s put alittle flour just gonna unwrap our piecrust here here we have it in our littleGeist shape kind of work this out into alittle flatter shape so it’ll make iteasier to roll out okay I’m just gonnaroll this out get some flour over hereand we’re gonna give it a twist so it’snot sticking add some to the bottom andkeep rolling give it a I’m gonna give ita flip here so we have keep rolling intoa circle to measure your pie crust youjust want to set your pie plate right ontop and make sure that you have abouttwo inches of edge around it and that’llbe enough to fit inside the pie plateand come up side come up the edge sothis looks like it fits very nicely sonow we’re just I like to fold it in halfand pop it right into the pie plate andfold it then we’ve got a pie crust inour pie plate you just kind of you don’twant to press it like stretch it youjust set it in nicely and then we’regoing to fold the edge under this pieplate is actually was my mom she gave itto me and so the fact that we’re makingthis pie crust this pie in exactly thesame pie plate that she used to make itin is just really special we’re justfitting the pie crust right into the pieplate and this has a fluted edge so I’mjust pressing the crust right up againstit nice and tucked in and then whatwe’re gonna do with this pie crust iswhat’s called blind baking so blindbaking is when you want to bake thecrust but not bake the filling so Idon’t usually blind bake unless I’mdoing a cool creamy creamy pie like thisone so I have the oven preheating at 425 degrees we’re gonna pop this in andbake it and to be sure it doesn’t slidedown because that can happen what youcan do is use a disposable apply platelike I’m using and I’m just gonna pressit down right inside of this crust andit’s going to help hold it in place alot of people use pie weights or beansbut I find that this pie plate that fitsright inside is a lot easierwe’re gonna bake the pie crust for about10 to 12 minutes and at about 8 minutesI’m gonna take out pie plate in themiddle that’s holding up the sides about8 minutes I’m going to take that out tomake sure we get the bottom of the piecrust nice and crispy here jack is goingto whip our cream that we need for thetopping so he’s gonna whip a cup ofwhipped cream and then Jack we’re gonnaadd after you whip it for a while we’regonna add a quarter cup of sugar tip andthen some vanilla extract so you canstart whipping your cream[Music]okay now we’ll add 1/4 cup sugar andthen 1 cup sour cream it’s got a kind ofweird sour cream and a key lime pie butI promise you with the whipped cream andthe sugar it’s this wonderful tangyflavour it’s just deliciousso let’s pour in a couple teaspoons ofvanilla not going to measure good nowwe’ll blend this up and this will be ourtopping fluffy and light and it’s just ahint of sweetness and vanilla it’s sogood oh my gosh so good yeah so this isthe topping this is our lime fillinghere you can see it thickened okay so wehave our sour cream here we’re gonna addit to the lime filling that has cooledand thickened just fold that right inYUM and we’ll just give that a stir andyou can see it becomes this reallylovely kind of light yellow color and socreamy and so tangy with the lime zestand the juice we have the filling andthe topping and we’re just waiting onthe crustI’m gonna take this out of the oven it’sI’m taking out this inside piece thatwas holding up the crust and then we’llput that bag back in for four moreminutes okay it’s not like the crust isready so let’s grab that almost so itlooks really good the crust is nice andgolden and the edges stayed up well sothis looks good let’s pour the fillingright into the crust here we go so goodand this filling could be done a dayahead you can also do the crust you knowa day ahead or different days so it isflexible in that way but and now we’regoing to add the topping this lovelyfluffy tart creamy sweet vanilla toppingjust goes right on top and we’ll spreadit around[Music][Music]okay kids are gonna want to lick thatI’m sure now for the final littletopping I’m going to show you a littletrick here you can take and cut a realthin slice ring or circle of lime niceand thin like this and then just makeone slit from the center down to thebottom so you have like this and thenyou can twist it like that and it’llmake this nice little decoration righton top like that so prettycannot wait to share this thanks so muchfor joining us on Marie’s kitchen todaywe made key lime pie with a homemade allbutter crust and then a tart creamy limefilling with a wonderful whipped creamtopping and then garnished with a slimeit’s just lovely and we can’t wait toenjoy it let me know if you like thisvideo leave me a comment let me know ifthere’s anything else you’d like to seeif you have any questions also be sureto subscribe we have more videos comingup and I don’t want you to miss any ofthem if you like this video be sure togive me a thumbs and we look forward tonext time so stick around stay tunedalso you can follow me on instagram atat Marie ceiba or have more recipes andlots of fun stuff there right here alink below so check that out and we justhope that you get to try this one it isso special in our family my mom made itfor me what I was young and now we getto make it with my children now and thatreally is what this is all about it’sabout sharing food with people that youlove for my kitchen years thank youhi Quinn[Music]

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