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Sgt. Pepperonis Pizza Kit How To Bake Your Own Pie. TAKE.MAKE.BAKE

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Pizza Kit (18″) – TAKE*MAKE*BAKE

· Preheat oven 450-475 F
· Create your own pizza
· Bake on lightly oiled cookie sheet
· Bake 12-15 minutes (golden brown crust)

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey sergeant pepperonis fans welcome tothe brand-new take making fake pizzahere in Sergeant pepperonis we’re givingyou a kit you take it home you make itwith the family put it in the ovenenjoy that sergeant pepperonis tastewith your own personal hands we’re goingto go inside and talk to chef Kai isgoing to show us how to do it so this isgoing to be our pizza taken big bag I’mgoing to show you everything that’s init I’ll show you how to make pizza onceyou get your bag openand everything you need to make thepizza right here we got dough andcornmeal you have mozzarella cheesehomemade marinara you got our signaturepepperoni and we got some parmesan allright step one you’re gonna want topre-heat your oven I recommend about 450step two gonna wash your hands for oneand so step three is we’re going to getcornmeal on a nice cutting surface getyour dough cover it in cornmeal so forNew York style pizza you’re gonna wantto get all the air out of the dough it’sall in the fingertips gonna push all theair out sorry you’re gonna want to formthe crust and it’s all in the fingertipsI’ll try to get it to fall over yourfingers like thispick the dough up tuck in your fingersand use the back to your hands to justpull it apart you want to get fancy withthat you give it a little toss likegravity do the work for you thanksyou’re gonna take the sauce marinara addit to the meat take the ladle or a spoonspread the sauce out nice and even andyou’re gonna take mozzarella it’sactually a mozzarella blend that we haveit’s two different kinds of mozzarellaand the cheese on as you see fit thatit’s much pepperoni asyou’re gonna put it in the oven carefulnot to break Nikolas okay for abouteight to ten minutes and you cut it upwith a pizza cutter if you don’t have apizza cutter at home it’s okay you canalso use a kitchen knife and just goright across and shoot we’re just finethat’s how you make the perfectpepperoni pizza share with you puff onesat home all of us here at start that’speace love pizza

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