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Red beans and Rice Bake Chicken Apple Pie Part 3 of 3

Cooking with April today video is a three part upload. We will be cooking Red Beans Rice with sausage and bake chicken, corn bread and a Apple pie. It is so good guy!! I really enjoyed doing this video today. Hope you guys enjoy it.Thanks for watching Please Like, Comment and Subscribe. Love each and everyone. Have a Bless Day!!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel thisis April with April WYD and for whatyou’re doing this is part three of thislooking video that I deal with theribbing some rice everything’s rightabout to fix security break break butyou guys so doesn’t finish up with myfamily so here guys we have the rapenews that’s already done looks deliciouswith the sausage in there we have therice the chicken the cornbread in thepot so I’m going to fix my plate guyssaid that I could sit down and talk toyou guys for a few minutes before I sitdown with the family guys remember Itold you guys in a very first video Idon’t eat a lot so my plates not gonnabe like huge huge plus I just wanted tosit down with you guys before we go homeate and everything Oh guys I have beenhaving so much fun recording this videofor you guyswhat kind of chicken just falling apartthat’s that young young but most peoplethat who YouTube usually share with youguys before they eat hmm I gotta see ifI get cuz this looks deliciousy’all I’m not good at cutting ties orstuff my husband yeah I let him do thatso come on guys you guys gonna come onin with me and we’re fixing to sit downand eat so we’re gonna enjoy our ribbonsand run southern styleall righty yes I’ve already said mygrace over the fugacities you guys sayhair breaks covering food and I’m noteven gonna be stingy guys it went to doit so what I’ll do is I will give youguys the first bite of that red beansand rice I’ll lips oh it’s hot very hotit was still onguys I wish you guys can take it with mebut I’m gonna taste which for you I’mtelling y’all we click the red beans andrice put you a little bit of bacongrease in there writing some bacon newthings you have to I fried the bacon andate it with them put the grease in hereguys I just take that to another levelit’s so hot though but it’s goodguys I have sweet tea to drink I breakmy tradition today for you guys I don’tlike a lot of ice and stuff so when youguys see me you’ll see me we just plaindrink cuz I eat a lot of ice and it wasmessing with my iron so if the doctortold me to stop eating it so I justdon’t put it in my drinks cuz I only eatit you guys know beans are so goodthere’s such they don’t even eat themeat I can just eat just plain cornbreadand rice and beans so y’all know what ifthey put me in quarantine I can survivebecause guess what I can eat beans youknow meat rice corn bread I’m going tocountry girlwish I had me some collard greens yeahthat would be so coolholla brains candy and fried chickenmacaroni and cheese in Vicenza we gonnado that one did yo guys we’re gonna dothat mmm-hmm because it’s too good myguys in the husband you got a challengecoming up for you guysI think it’s called How well do you knowmewe use shaving cream so it’s gonna be alot of fun you guys gonna like thatcoming up so very soon but goddess I’mnot gonna stake worth you momI just came because I want to distanceyou guys was with me while I was makingit I wanted you guys to be there with meoh my loving husband brought me some pieguys I told you I don’t I can’t cut itbut he it looks good too i’ma try somepie for you guys and then I can go aheadand eat with the family when mydaughter’s not scared to be on thecamera the whole family’s gonna comeforth you guys mmm that’s good to goit’s not one man about it from the storebut I always do my extra stuff on thetop I put sugar brown sugar and somebutter and flavor on it and then itsoaks into the crust wise cooking let metry to check him for you guys I’m gonnalet you guys go okay oh that’s hotI’m picky about a chicken I like eatingthe chicken skin hmm that’s goody’all I give her thank you the kitchentoday I wish the husband was hidden heresomething to take out of it it was theguys like I said I just came with youin order to just be able to show you howto fool books and everything guysso with that being said please likecomment and subscribe hit that Bell tobe notified so you will know when Iupload another video thank you guys soso much I love you guys having the lastday

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