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Quarantine Update/Baking A Chocolate Pie!

Hey guys, I’m back! I’m still in quarantine, but I made a chocolate pie to pass the time! I’ve been keeping busy doing various fun (yet indoor) things plus my university just started online classes this week. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy!

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1 “9 inch pie crust” in a pie pan
1.5 cups of sugar
3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa
1/4 cup of unsalted butter (melted)
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1/4 teaspoon of salt
5.5 oz (or 11 tablespoons) of evaporated milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla

*Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
*Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour into crust
*Bake for 45 minutes (or until crust is golden brown)
*Cool completely before serving and refrigerate for presentation (and add whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy!)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody welcome back so todaybecause I’m still in quarantine againnot because I’m sick just because I’mtrying to stay safe and stay healthyalso like I said I live in Ohio now itis a government mandated like we need tostay it’s a government order to stayindoors like as much as possible umso because I’m still staying indoors umI am going to make another thing in thekitchen so today what I’m gonna bebaking is the chocolate pie from themovie the help – poop I found the recipeand a couple years ago online I made itfor my family and they seem to reallyenjoy it um when I did it then I usedlike a refrigerated like dough crust forthe pie which is not my favorite so Iwasn’t a big fan of it um but this timeI got one of those graham cracker crustpie crustum so I’m going to using that one thathopefully it holds up and it tastes goodanyway so life has been still movingeven though we’re in quarantine and itgets really confusing I’ve been fallingasleep in like the late Am’s likepushing 5:00 a.m. is when I fall asleepand then I wake up at 4:00 p.m. and it’sterrible um but you know I guess spend alot more time with my family than Ithought I would this semester so that’snice um but also this week my school myuniversity we started online classes andwhen I tell you Monday and Tuesday werea train wreck like I was freaked out bythat so if you’re out there and you’retaking online classes to know that ifyou’re freaking out me too but you knowwhat it’s Friday now I got through itum you know and also shout out to all myprofessors and really just any professordealing with this who cares about theirstudents because I’ve been really luckyto have professors who you know we’reall struggling I’m struggling they’restruggling but we’re being kind to eachother and we’re understanding that weneed to be flexible because it’s such adifferent time now we’re gonna go intothe kitchen we’re gonna start makingthat chocolate pie let’s go alright so Ihave all my ingredients outhere I have my little mixing bowl I dohave to grab one thing though so I’mjust going to go ahead and start mixingwe’re going to do 1/2 cups of sugar Ineed 3 tablespoons where are you3 tablespoons my unsweetened cocoa 1 cupof unsalted butter melted this is animportant part I already got this tinylittle bar bar yes sirtiny little bar of butter umthis bowl chunk is 1/4 cup it’s alreadymeasured out on the side of the packageit is unsalted butter so I’m just gonnapop it in the microwave until it is youmelt it probably not melted more likesoft but two eggs slightly beat[Music]I mean it’s a good thing I wash 20pickins[Music]I haven’t taken that chance let’s go[Music]once both teaspoons what we picked wedon’t want it to be too salty hence thereason 1/4 teaspoon of salt oh by theway I don’t know why I do thisbut like remember I’m like alone andbored I start speaking in a Britishaccent if that’s weirdI’m sorry one teaspoon oh no I can dothat cuz vanilla is strong like it’slike different there is one time I heardabout this horror story where it saidone cap of vanilla to make it like smellgoodsomeone did one cup and their housereeks of vanilla so one teaspoon foundnow it’s about 5.5 fluid ounces it’sjust 11 tablespoons you know the bigdudes so we’re just gonna do that to saysomething really important earlier umyou should set preview your oven to 3505 zero degrees my baroh she’s beautiful this is 1/4 cupbutter melted I will say um that was 2minutes in the microwavethat’s right now it’s gonna be like Doracount with me because I have to do 11tablespoons of this stuffso let’s go it’s not an ever betterI’m gonna wipe out the bowl the pads thebutter cuz you don’t want that no sir Ihave my pie crust it says nine inch piepan I’ll break that below um have a halfcups of sugar a tablespoon my threetablespoons of unsweetened cocoa umcocoa oh it’s there’s an egg so itscrews me up 1/4 cup of unsalted buttermelted just did that two egg slightlybeaten 1/4 teaspoon of salt did thatfive and a half ounces or 11 tablespoonsof evaporated milk which you must shakewell and then one teaspoon of vanillaand then of course you can that havewhipped cream to go on top that thatdoesn’t go in this initial batch we’rejust gonna whisk whisk whisk whisk awayI like it I test and I can tell whetheror not it is well mixed or not is notnecessarily about like what you can seein it by if it can do this if it isRippey and soupy like that you are madeif it’s still clumpy and it’s not comingoff the whisk super easily keep whiskingso now it says to bake for 45 minutesand then let it cool completely beforeservingooh we’re looking good there’s my piethat was actually a fool 45 minutes – Iwasn’t sure on my grand cracker crashwas gonna hold up I actually thought Iwas gonna burn or catch on fire um butit didn’t so that’s good so that’s thatthe pie has been baked um we’ll eat itfor dessert tonight and I would let youknow later how it tastesHey so just finished eating dinner andjust finished eating my dessert thechocolate pie first of all I’m not likea big chocolate person like I likechocolates and like chocolate ice creamlike chocolate cake and chocolate piearen’t really my thing and I’m notreally that big of a fan of browniesthat pie was good and also like thegrand Packer crust was absolutely theway to go and just gave it so much moreof like I think more like a allall-around good taste not like a like abooze huazi you taste or whatever um butlike something a kid could eat and wouldbe like yeah chocolate graham crackerscuz i have the palate of a five-year-oldum but it was really fun to make it gaveme something to do today it made me feelless messy depressing because quarantinecan make you feel messy depressing sotake care of yourself um I also went ona walk today to stay away from beingmessy depressing so you know again justtake care of yourself go on a walk gowork out read a bookBenja new Netflix series lord knows Ijust got off of binging the tutors onNetflix whoo that was a roller coasterrideum but it was so cool too because I hadjust started the TV series after I saw6th on Broadway and so that was reallycool because I was like it connectsthat was cool so thank you so much forjoining me today I think for watchingthis and if you ever want to make thisrecipe good luck and have fun and yeahand I hope you enjoy it so thank youeveryone bye

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